Next of the Best of Fall 2015: Knit skirts

Next of the Best of Fall 2015: Knit skirts

Among the surprising items to make repeat appearances on the Fall 2015 runways is the knit skirt. I’ve already sung the praises of the amazing cable skirt and white top combo at A Détacher. Then there’s this lovely duo, above, from Michael Kors — a swingy cable skirt shown in camel and charcoal, one paired with a matching cable sweater and the other with a chunky rib-knit sweater. (As with nearly all of the sweaters in the Kors show, both have ultra-long sleeves folded into forearm-length cuffs.)

Then there’s the pair below, which remind of those nail-biting (<— that’s sarcasam) episodes of Project Runway where two designers emerge from Mood with the same or similar fabric. Who’ll use it best? The upper image is from Mulberry, and the lower one is Opening Ceremony, both looks built around a grey knit skirt cut sideways. (Both textiles look like cut-and-sew sweater knits to me, but someone will correct me if I’m wrong.) I love them equally — would happily live in either outfit — but all of the oversized work jackets and exaggerated chamois shirts in the Opening Ceremony collection make me swoon. That they’ve paired them with sweater tunics and dresses only makes me love them that much more.

Next of the Best of Fall 2015: Knit skirts

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6 thoughts on “Next of the Best of Fall 2015: Knit skirts

  1. love the cables in the skirts, knitting those cuffs, as interesting as they look, would make me crazy :)

  2. That first camel outfit is amazing! Oversize shapes don’t suit me but I love everything about that look. The matching knit top and skirt reminds me of the outfits my Nana used to wear. She would never leave the house in casual clothes; even a trip to the supermarket in her village would have her dressed in an outfit like this, always with a smart scarf and a beret.

  3. IMHO, the best thing here is the big blue woven wool shirt. Great, wearable, beautiful, flattering, I am so going to copy that. Those long knit cuffs are nice for a photo, but a complete disaster for anyone who has a real life. Like a dish to wash, or a steering wheel to steer. A once folded cuff is doable, four folds becomes ridiculous. Just sayin…. ;-)

    But OMG, that shirt … thank you Karen, for posting it.

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