Modified Wiksten No. 1

Modified Wiksten No. 1

I thought the least I could do while we were in Florida this week was show you the modified Wiksten Tank I made a couple weekends ago — my first foray back into sewing in a while. So the other evening, after a little family outing, I asked Bob to postpone fishing long enough to snap a few pics. He patiently obliged, but my darling niece — very eager to fish with her Uncle Bob — decided to photobomb the proceedings. So what I have is a bunch of awkward photos of me making funny faces at her that don’t really show the top all that well. But she’s cuter anyway!

This one’s sewn from some grey-striped cotton khadi I bought at A Verb for Keeping Warm last year. I’d made the Wiksten Tank before and found, on me, the front of the neck was too low and the front hemline a little too high. So this one is the medium, same as before, but with a few tweaks: I raised the neckline several inches, graded it out from a medium at the underarms to a large at the hem, and used the XL back hemline for both the front and back. This fabric is a little on the stiff side, so the shirt does stand out from the body more than it would in a lighter fabric. I’m eager to cut another one from linen and see how the shape works, but I think it’s very nearly what I want. It’s a fun little pattern to play with!

IN OTHER NEWS, there have been a few developments in the shop this week: The latest issue of Taproot is in; the missing colors of mid-size Bento Bags arrived; more Bookhou pouches in waxed canvas also came in; and there’s a new balm in town — Hand-Aid by my friends at Little Seed Farm.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!

20 thoughts on “Modified Wiksten No. 1

  1. Love this! Looks fabulous on you and even better all your tweaks are exactly what I need so thanks. I love the way the top stands away slightly but you’re right, this is a wonderful top that will also look great in linen, gauze, lawn, silk, liberty cotton etc. Great job! And very cute niece.

  2. That’s a great top. And you know, that yellow and white sundress looks really cute too …

  3. Oh Karen, it’s PERFECT. I need one RIGHT NOW. Hopefully I can work on my sewing skills fast enough to have one for summer!! Making changes to the original pattern sounds daunting..

  4. Karen – just wondering what size you are when buying ready-made clothing? It sound like you made alterations that would work for my taste/body style for this pattern…Thanks!

    • It depends on the style and construction of the garment. I basically have a size 6 torso with size 10 shoulders, so most of my clothes are 8 or 10.

  5. This is making me want to try the Wiksten Tank again! I’ve made it a couple of times before, but never been happy with the back neck (I find it gaps quite a lot on me), but seeing yours is reminding me how perfect it can look. I can’t wait to see your linen version.

  6. Best. Photos. Ever!! You look beautiful having fun with your darling niece, Thank you so much for sharing a private, charming moment. The tank looks good, too, ;-)

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