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I, my friends, am elsewhere this week. I fly to Florida today for a few days of much-needed sun and fun with my family. Under normal conditions, I would have made the week before my trip as stressful as humanly possible by trying to do two weeks’ worth of blog posts in one, making the vacation that much more necessary! But last week was already off-the-charts busy/stressful, so it just wasn’t an option. All of which is to say, apologetically, this may be my only blog post for the week. I’ll almost certainly turn up on Instagram (as both @karentempler and @fringesupplyco) and I can’t swear another blog post or two won’t happen, but right now it seems highly unlikely. So I leave you with some tasty links to chew on—

— Felicia on Simple Sewing 101, part 1 and part 2 (with more to come)

— And to go with that, Tilly outlines a basic toolkit for new sewers

These books are rather tempting

“Yarnkraft” = love

— Did you know BBC Radio has a Knitting show? Neither did I till my friend Sarah alerted me — I hope to give it a listen one of these days

Australia’s oldest man (109!) is still knitting (via Rebekka)

— I’m eager to see what Bristol gets up to

— And this made me laugh my arse off — love that Anna Maltz

Ok, I’m off — see you when I see you. Oh! And don’t worry about Fringe Supply Co. — DG will be here every day shipping orders just as fast as you can place them. Business as usual!


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12 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Hope you are near the ocean. Water is very therapeutic. Restors the soul.

    So I had a name foe your great knitting bag. KT Bag. It would all depend on the graphics to work.

    Just my thoughts

  2. Leave the blog and have a wonderful time!! I chuckled when you spoke about your tendencies to make the week before as stressful as possible.. I always do the same thing, no matter how much I try to resist! :)

  3. A well-deserved vacation! I enjoy your blog and writing so much. This is one of the few websites that I read weekly. I believe that everyone deserves time off work without having to do extra work! Enjoy!

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