What’s new (and new again)

What's new (and new again)

It’s been quite the dry spell in the receiving department at Fringe HQ lately — thanks to winter storms and dock worker strikes and other pesky delays — but thankfully our beloved delivery drivers have returned this week, bearing boxes full of goodies too numerous to detail. Suffice to say there are books and tools and Bentos and, best of all, the Bucket Tote now comes in the black-and-white rain print. Huzzah! So hop on over to Fringe Supply Co. and see if whatever you’ve been waiting for is back on the virtual shelves.

Thank you for all of your responses to yesterday’s Q for You as well as your generous advice about my grandmother’s shawl. It’s been an insanely busy week for me (lots of exciting things happening behind the scenes right now) and I haven’t been able to respond to everything, but I’ve read every word and appreciate you all so much!

Have a wonderful weekend—

2 thoughts on “What’s new (and new again)

  1. oooh Love, “behind the scenes”! Hopefully that means more wonderful, inspired blogging to come!!!
    Can’t wait!

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