New Favorites: the perfect Summer aran

New Favorites: the perfect Summer aran sweater

One night last week, we went out for ice cream at the local hotspot in my sister’s tiny coastal Florida town. Bob and I were enjoying the warmth, but the temperature must have dipped below 80 or something — the locals were all wearing jean jackets or sweaters, and you could tell they were savoring the chance. It brought to mind this Martin Storey sweater I ran across recently and can’t stop thinking about: Naxos. It’s perfectly unisex and would also work beautifully as a woolly winter sweater, but I love it in this ivory cotton, pictured in a dreamy boatscape. Because, you know, heaven forbid there should ever be a time or a place where some form of fisherman sweater isn’t part of the equation.


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17 thoughts on “New Favorites: the perfect Summer aran

  1. Beautiful sweater, Karen. And the model’s not so bad either! Would you mind telling me what “tiny coastal Florida town” you’re visiting? I love going to Florida and finding quaint little beach towns.

  2. I think that model could make a pilly old blanket look good. :) But having said that, it is a wonderful sweater! I don’t see the point of wearing a sweater in the summer, but then again in MN we have 6 solid months of cold weather.

  3. Martin Storey has some of the best patterns, think I have ALL of his books…………….

  4. I’d never heard of this designer before! I always love the things you share here on the blog. :)

    • It’s from the Rowan Seascapes book: — the trick is finding someone who still has copies of that available. I fervently wish two things:

      1. That Ravelry would offer a “buy it local/online” opportunity on the book pages, so we could actually buy whatever publication we’re looking at there.

      2. That Rowan would make their patterns available for download. It makes me completely crazy.

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