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Pardon my absence yesterday — y’all kept us crazy busy with that sale, and there was no time for blogging before my birthday dinner. Thank you for all that craziness, though, and for all of the very sweet birthday wishes. You truly made my day.

Two broader Elsewheres to start. First: I was thrilled to see Jared Flood announce that he would be returning to blogging. Not that he hasn’t been doing a bang-up job with the BT blog the past few years, but I have loved and missed his original blog. So hooray for that. Second: I bought a little bluetooth speaker for my car, now that I have a commute, and have been trying to form a podcast habit. I’m so thrilled Woolful and Knit.fm are out there (and have been happy to sponsor both). I’d love to hear about your other favorite maker podcasts.

Beyond that—

That is one impressive mantel

Z’s been at it again, cranking out the wardrobe staples I want

Does crafting make you crazy?

An incubator for tiny fashion brands (thx, Anie)

Perfectly timed: Top 9 sewing books for beginners (or begin-again-ers like me)

And a beautiful essay about the seductive appeal of indigo dyeing


HOLIDAY SHIPPING NOTE: A few people have asked about when is too late for Christmas orders. My answer is it’s up to you. We ship every weekday at Fringe Supply Co., and domestic orders (except oversize parcels) ship via Priority Mail, which is a 2-Day shipment to just about anyone in the US. Orders received this morning will ship today for probable delivery on Monday. Orders received up through Monday morning will ship Monday for probable Wednesday delivery. I say probable because USPS does not guarantee those delivery windows, and of course this is the busiest time of the year. Obviously ordering this morning is safer than ordering Monday morning, but use your own discretion! We’ll be here shipping away as always.

And don’t forget: We have gift certificates!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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  1. Hello! I recently found the pom-pom magazine podcast, is a PomCast :) I love it! they are very funny. My favorite section is the color of the podcast, where they discuss everything interesting they can find about a color. Give it a try.

  2. Can’t thank you enough for these Elsewhere posts. You have such great taste and a wonderful sense of curiosity that I really enjoy all that you share. I also thank you for the links in your all of your posts (knitting and elsewhere). So many other blogs don’t bother to link or even fully cite resources or what they are talking about. It makes your posts so much fun to read. They are definitely at the top of my reading list!

    From the links you have shared, I am also thinking of starting to sew again. It has been years but I am loving the independent pattern makers out there. Here is what I am currently jonesing on: http://grainlinestudio.com/2014/11/06/hemlock-tee-in-woven-stripes/ (the hemlock tee from grainline studios)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks for all those links, in particular for the link to the essay in The Planthunter. Such an interesting site! You always share the best stuff.

  4. Ooh, looking forward to Jared’s blog. Another one to add to the list. Re: podcasts, my favorites are RadioLab and 99% Invisible, but those are more on the science side of things. Being a nerd, this works for me.

  5. Loved all the links – got hooked on Jared Flood’s for quite a while (as always!) I’ll now keep track of his blog posts. I thought I’d faint at the indigo dye site. OMG! Gorgeous! Indigo just makes me nuts! I found the “Stillness and Crafts” post very thought provoking. I used to take great pride in being a “multi-tasker.” But over the years studies have shown that the notion of being great at multi-tasking is a trap. Nothing gets done particularly well and the stress level builds to do ever more. I know this one all too well and found it true for me. Now I try to focus on what I’m doing. Maybe music in the background, maybe not. Being a bit ADD, I give myself permission to jump from one thing to the next but whatever I’m working on I give my focus to. (Mostly – wanting to multi-task is very compelling.) Over time I’ve found my work (craft and art IS my job) to be more satisfying both in the doing and in the final results.

  6. I’m not sure if it counts as a “maker” podcast, but a friend recently recommended the America’s Test Kitchen podcast. So I started listening to it, and she’s right! It’s really good!

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