A gift for you on my birthday

A gift for you on my birthday

Today’s my birthday and I gave myself the gift of a night off last night — i.e. knitting instead of blogging — but I have a little something for you, too! It really can’t be said enough how much I appreciate your time and your support (in every sense) and your business. So today I’m offering 15% off everything* on the Bags & Baskets page at Fringe Supply Co. Use code KTBDAY on the shopping cart page.

I do plan to put together a post today for tomorrow before I drink some champagne tonight (Bob’s making me dinner!), so hopefully there will be a new blog post for you in the morning, but please don’t hold it against me if that doesn’t happen!


*In stock items only. Not applicable to past or future orders. Etc.

38 thoughts on “A gift for you on my birthday

  1. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday! I so enjoy your blog and you have given me dozens of ideas for patterns to knit and yarns to use. I look forward to reading it every day.

  2. The happiest of birthdays to you. ..hope its wonderful! Thank you for being here every morning with interesting posts on this wonderful world of knitting, and inspiration on life! (the first thing I look for in this internet world)
    Enjoy the bubbly !x

  3. a very happy birthday to you, love your blog and all that you share with your readers.
    I t is my birthday too today 78 years young!!

  4. Enjoy the day, Karen – surround yourself with beautiful things and beautiful people and have a happy (and beautiful) birthday! …. and thanks for the present!

  5. Happy birthday (again!) Karen! I hope there are a few extra minutes for you today to enjoy some quiet time and a nice glass of champagne. Enjoy

  6. Alles, alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Karen!! (‘Happy Birthday’ in German ;-) )
    Just want to let you know how much I love your blog! It’s been a huge inspiration for me and it has changed my knitting life for sure!

  7. Have a lovely birthday, Karen. (Mine is in a week.) And thank you for the best knitting blog on the web! A toast to you!

  8. Best of birthday wishes to you,!! Champagne, dinner, husband’s health – all good :) who cares about some packing boxes????

  9. A very happy birthday to you Karen! Enjoy your lovely dinner (so sweet of your man) and lots of sparkling champagne! xx

  10. Happy Birthday! You were born the same day as my father! That makes it a great day to have been born! :-)

  11. Herzlichen Glückwunsch – happy birthday.
    Wish you a good year – much easier than your last.
    Enjoy the champaign and your diner :-)

  12. Happy Birthday Karen! I want you to know how happy your blog makes me feel . You are a master at your craft.

  13. Happy Birthday, Karen, and thanks for sharing it with us! Thanks also for all you do on this blog. Love it!

  14. Happy Birthday and thank you for this blog and for sharing your ideas etc! You are an inspiration!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday, Karen! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with your blog, you are always an inspiration!

  16. I forgot we share a birthday! 🎂 happy belated birthday!! 🎂

    This year mine started in Melbourne and finished nearly 40 hours later in New York at the top of the Empire State Building, was great!

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