FO Sightings: Sumiko’s steeked Sundottir

FO Sightings: Sumiko's steeked Sundottir

There is so much potential for wizardry in knitting, but one of my favorite tricks will always be the simple — if seemingly perilous! — act of steeking a pullover into a cardigan. Maybe you just prefer knitting in the round and thus would rather knit that way and cut open the front. Or maybe, like Sumiko here, you can’t find a colorwork cardigan pattern that lights you up, so you pick a pullover you love — in this case Dianna Walla’s Sundottir pattern — and off you go! I first saw this one on @ashmhiggs’ Instagram feed (the photo in the lower left above) and it turns out Sumiko kept a delightful page of notes at Ravelry, along with a whole pile of progress shots. (Which is where I also learned that she used my new favorite trick of knitting the sleeve caps from provisionally cast-on stitches and then knitting downward from there.) I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that it’s knitted in Clara Yarn. Such a gorgeous sweater!


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  1. yay sumi! i’m inspired and want to make one too! i have a question, remind me next time i see you? and wear your sundottir, i want to see it! thank you karen for sharing :)

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