Battle for the best of Resort 2014: Chloé

Chloe yellow marled sweater Resort 2014

Uh oh. Remember how handily Chloé won the Best of the Best of Resort prize last year? You’d think I might have waited for this year’s collection before semi-declaring Marc Jacobs the season’s winner. Although, in the end, I might have to call it a tie — between this and those sweater-skirt combos, I couldn’t possibly choose.

The whole collection is characteristically amazing, by the way. In addition to this sweater, I’ll take looks 14-left (especially those blue boots!) and 31, head to toe.


4 thoughts on “Battle for the best of Resort 2014: Chloé

  1. Woah that sweater is GORGEOUS. I’m really feeling Orla Keily’s resort 2014 collection but I don’t think the knits are as great as this one from Chloe!

    • I’m not doing a great job of keeping up (with all the travels and such lately) and haven’t looked at hers yet, but loved her last collection. Eager to see this one.

      By the way, I got a sneak peek at something exciting about you while at TNNA!

  2. Love this Chloe collection! Those blue boots are to-die-for. Lots of great shoes in those looks!

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