Look what Meg made me

sweater knitted by meg strong

Big news: It is raining out here in the various cities by the Bay. As in real rain, for several days. This is not a thing that happens — rain in summer in Northern CA — and it means delays at SFO and that I got home from TNNA very late last night. Too late to put together my intended post about the show. But I realize now that it’s going to take me a day or two to collect my thoughts (and photos) on that, anyway. For now, let me just say it was an amazing experience and I also bought a bunch of things off my original wish list for the shop, which I’m very excited about. More soon.

Meanwhile, this morning, when I finally dragged myself out of bed, I found a package in the mail pile from my beloved friend Meg, and my jaw dropped when I opened it. She made me a version of Iz’s sweater! As if the past few days hadn’t been unbelievable enough. Thank you, Meg — you are a peach among peaches.


16 thoughts on “Look what Meg made me

  1. Someone, please, write a pattern for this. I tried on a similar sweater at gap outlet about 2 months ago. I hated the colors but loved the drape. I want to make my own!

  2. Yes, please, a sweater pattern for this would be lovely! It’s a gooooorgeous sweater.

  3. Meg took great notes knitting this. Maybe we will get a pattern when she finds a moment.

  4. wowwwwwwww now that is what I call a great friend! nice j0b on the sweater too I might add!

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  7. Please ask Meg to share her notes… reminds me of a sweater my grandma made me when I was a teen!

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