Shirt/dress and a scarf, my summer wardrobe fantasy

shirt, dress and scarf by carrie hoge and primoeza

The thing these days is, I need some new clothes. Badly. And for various reasons, I both want and need to sew them. I’m fantasizing about smock dresses and shirt dresses and smockish shirtdresses, particularly this one. Things that are as easy to wear as they are to make. To keep from freezing in a light dress and bare legs, though, I’d need a nice little bit of wool around my shoulders and some funky ankle boots on my feet. (Ideally with wool socks in there.) So I’ve had a sort of vague image rolling around in the back of my mind, until I ran across these two photos in close proximity on Sunday afternoon. Together, they’re exactly the vibe I’m after — a softer version of my all-denim wardrobe.

On the left is Carrie Bostick Hoge’s newly sewn tank dress, from Jenny Gordy’s Wiksten Tank pattern, paired with her Imogen cowl, which has been on my to-knit list since, well, a few minutes after I learned to knit. I’m still in love with my denim Wiksten Tank and have wanted to make others, and Carrie’s deep-blue dress version gets my synapses firing.

On the right is the shop image for Elizabeth Yong of Primoeza’s Colour Edge Scarf, which has the most wonderful subtle stitch pattern, along with the contrast edge, and which looks amazing with that perfectly rumpled, blue-striped linen shirt. Ugh, want! (If you haven’t seen the latest batch of Primoeza scarves, you have to go look. Really brilliant work.)

So Carrie and Elizabeth have jointly snapped me into focus. Now all I need is a new pattern or two, some fabric, some yarn and … oh yeah, time. Sweet, precious, impossible time.


Of course, there’s also the notion of throwing a sweater around your neck, as demonstrated by A.L.C. in this week’s ICYMI: Next of the best of Resort 2013.


27 thoughts on “Shirt/dress and a scarf, my summer wardrobe fantasy

  1. We really ARE twins separated at birth. ;-D

    I have been stalking the same type of smocky/shift/shirt (M&M’s! Sigh) dresses and plan on finally taking the sewing plunge. I bought some vintage linen on my trip to the seaside a few weeks ago and was thinking a Wiksten Tova dress (sleeveless to make it easier). Seeing Carrie’s pretty dress above makes me wonder if I should go with this tank dress first, though, to break myself in gently.

    I wouldn’t even dream of tackling the Merchant & Mills shirtdress yet. Curved yoke? EEEk.

    Think you should, though, definitely!

  2. Where can I find that wonderful dark gray, short sleeved sweater wrappy thing from the 2011 Moving Images second image with the great back detail? Please, Please. I need it to live.

  3. love carrie’s new linen dress and her cowl. love all these shades of indigo and the comfort of these clothes! i made the tova in a soft chambray, but would really love linen too.

    • I keep thinking I have that pattern, but it’s actually THIS ONE! Maybe I don’t need the pricey Merchant & Mills one. I love it so much, but keep thinking it’s a little nightshirt looking. Thanks for inadvertently reminding me of the one I already own!

  4. My wardrobe is desperately in need of a revamp. Looking at a sleeveless version of this But thanks for the link to Wiksten tank. The other will be the pants from Shape Shape. Just need to find some time and space to sew. And for the cowl – have the Rivington cowl on the needles. Maybe Imogen after. Thanks for the inspiration.

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