A sweater! On Project Runway!

wolf sweater by michelle lesniak project runway

It happens so rarely. I was extra thrilled to see that sweater on Project Runway last night because A) awesome wolf-inspired sweater and B) it was Michelle who brung it (with an assist from the one knitwear person to make it onto the show — and not much farther). I’m totally rooting for her. Remind me to wear my PART WOLF t-shirt to watch the finale next week.

Meanwhile, gonna finish the improv sweater this weekend. It has two finished sleeves; I just need to finish off the body. It’s belly-button length right now and I have a little less than half a ball of yarn left, so I’m planning to see where that gets me. Hopefully somewhere acceptable, because if I really have to procure more yarn, it won’t be finished this weekend after all.

What about you? Thoughts on Project Runway? Yarny plans for the weekend? Let’s hear it!


7 thoughts on “A sweater! On Project Runway!

  1. I don’t watch very regularly, but it seemed to me they were more positive than I’ve heard before. All 3 looks were way cool but that wolf sweater was the centerpiece. The judge’s reaction just may lead to a fee more knits here & there in the future?

  2. Another not surprising thing: I have that Part Wolf t-shirt – the women’s scoop neck version.
    (When my son went to Parsons, it was such a thrill to go to the Project Runway work room!)

  3. I also don’t watch Project Runway much, but this piece impresses me! Wow!

    I’m playing around with some cable stitch patterns for a cowl this weekend. It should be a relaxing knit. :)

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