New Favorites: Textured yokes

New Favorites: Textured yokes

I’m still hosting an internal debate about my fall sweater. Now, in addition to the allover texture options, I’m weighing textured yoke possibilities. These are just a few of the contenders, along with previously mentioned Anker’s Sweater and Eldingar

TOP: Tarn by Claire Walls

MIDDLE LEFT: Astragal by Ainur Berkimbayeva

MIDDLE RIGHT: Ocean by Christina Danaee

BOTTOM: Mio by Paula Pereira


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14 thoughts on “New Favorites: Textured yokes

  1. I’ve been drawn to Ayako Monier’s “Tessarina,” maybe with a mock turtleneck and elbow-length sleeves. The yoke is stunning!

  2. Yes! Textured yokes are so pretty, and a great mix of interesting and relaxing knitting. I love the hem detail on Astragal. That’s going in my queue :)

  3. This is what I love most about this blog–it’s the best place to stay up to date and find things I want to add to my Ravelry “favourites”. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Karen – Being broad shouldered as are you, wondering if Astragal may be the best choice?… Wouldn’t this sweater bring more attention up and away from broad shoulders?

  5. I like Astragal but don’t like the reverse stockinette.
    Would the upper pattern get lost against the knit side?

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