New Favorites: Lightly cabled

New Favorites: Lightly cabled pullovers

I’m on the brink of knitting myself a simple fall pullover (if I can find exactly the right yarn) and have been picturing it as stockinette and, ideally, a finer gauge than my norm. But the mere thought of actually knitting a sweater’s worth of fine-gauge stockinette sent me running to Ravelry to pore over cable sweaters. As much as I want to knit another fisherman, it’s not a closet priority. So I’m weighing the possibility of something lightly cabled:

TOP: Coastal Pullover by Hannah Fettig features allover cables so subtle they become textural white noise

BOTTOM: Hawley Pullover by Julie Hoover is a little more pronounced about its cables, but still.


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  1. I have recently knitted Zweig, the yoke is something else entirely, but you might want to consider the tiny x cable on the stokinette body, it saved my sanity.

  2. I knit a Costal last year from HD Peace’s Fleece, and it’s one of my favorite sweaters ever. Really warm in that weight though, with all those cables, so you may want something a bit lighter for Nashville. I can hike in mine with no coat when it’s 25F outside….

  3. I started using DK yarn due to all of Caitlin Hunter’s great patterns. Then I saw the Elizabeth Smith’s
    Winifred in DK with larger needles and thought that could knit up fast and not be too heavy.

    • It’s knitted on US8 and looks like the cable crosses are every sixth row — stockinette in between. Not bad!

  4. I love texture sweaters so much that I have a special bundle for them on Ravelry … but I have yet to knit one, all those cable crossings frighten me !
    I don’t mind knitting ocean of stockinette on a tiny needle though, so, what about an exchange of some sort ? 😝

  5. Coastal reminds me of Desert by ANKESTRiCK – but in the later the cables are spaced even farther apart and deconstruct into a more floaty texture.

  6. As much as I love all Hannah Fettig sweaters and Coastal is certainly lovely. But cables add warmth and Nashville in the fall….unless you are looking at cotton or linen/wool blend. Wish I could recommend a yarn but I am still searching. Thinking you would look stunning in Julie Hoover’s design and with stockinette sleeves it would not be as warm.

    Have you considered finding a sweater in fingering weight? I have lived in Northern Georgia and found that this weight was perfect for the Fall and great to layer in the winter not needing a coat…

    Looking forward to seeing/reading of your final choice.

    • Oh yeah, definitely looking at blends and also finer gauge, as I mentioned — these both happen to be worsted but could tweaked or knitted with something loftier. Trying to solve all that!

  7. I’d make the Coastal because I hate knitting plain sleeves, but I’d probably look for a third option without raglan sleeves.

  8. The Good Wool used in Hawley is surprisingly light and airy for what it is, and softens so nicely with blocking and washing.

  9. Have you considered knitting a fingering weight sweater/cardigan at a slightly looser gauge? I’m currently working on a cardigan in fingering knitted on 4mm needles for a gauge of 5.5 sts per inch. The yarn is wool with a touch of alpaca. It’s going to be part of my early fall uniform.

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