New Favorites: Little hugs

New Favorites: Little sweaters

I don’t know whether it’s the back-to-school air or wanting to “hug” the ones I love, but I’m preoccupied with the notion of knitting more little sweaters to send off to small humans of various sizes. These two patterns (one new, the other a longstanding fave) top my list for being both timeless and gender-neutral, all the better for future hand-me-downs —

TOP: Willard Mini by Alicia Plummer is a sporty little drawstring funnel neck I’d love to have in my own closet

BOTTOM: Arlo by Michele Wang is the one I wanted in my size at the time (and then along came Bellows) but now want to make in miniature


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4 thoughts on “New Favorites: Little hugs

  1. I am knitting for my three grands and thoroughly enjoying it. I hadn’t seen the sweaters you mention here, so thank you for enlightening me! The greatest part of knitting for the kids is that they really appreciate my efforts! Knitworthy young folks: YAYYY!

  2. When I saw “little hugs” I was hoping you were going to talk about shrugs, which are intriguing me at the moment.
    I’d love Arlo for myself too, though I wish the sleeves had cables.

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