New Favorites: Puzzle wrap

New Favorites: Puzzle wrap

Can we talk about this beauty for a minute? It’s the new Easy Puzzle Blanket (free pattern) by Jake Canton for Purl Soho and it not only looks like it would be spectacularly fun to knit (log cabin forever, please) but would be a great stash buster and a perfect travel project. The sort of thing where a little bit of yarn would go a very long way and the project would grow relatively slowly while keeping your hands busy the whole time. (In other words, it’d take up time, not luggage space.) And I’m still so into the idea of a lightweight square that can function as a blanket or a shawl, folded or not. I’m that person who does not have a stash full of fingering weight yarn leftovers, so there’s that to consider. But I can’t stop picturing possible color combos …


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9 thoughts on “New Favorites: Puzzle wrap

  1. I always love Purl Soho’s color sensibility. But I am picturing this blanket knit supersized to worsted weight for 60×60 or 70×70 dimensions…it would be amazing in a larger scale.

    • I’ve definitely had the same thought, given the worsted I DO have on hand.

  2. Any good tips on hiding the new pieces of yarn when joining? A little tail always works its way out.

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