New Favorites: In my size, please

New Favorites: In my size, please

Brooklyn Tweed published their first collection of knitting patterns for kidwear this week, BT Kids, and it’s predictably adorable, right down to the sweater-wearing teddy bear. The hats and scarves go up to adult sizes. (I love Spore — predictable me.) The blankets are universally useful. And there’s a somewhat cryptic note in the lookbook on Julie Hoover’s sweet Berenice pullover about how “full-grown girls will triple-flip at the chance to scale this up in Shelter,” which seemed to suggest that such instructions might be included, but apparently they just meant that the dolman construction would be easy to adapt. Regardless, there are four sweaters in there I want in my size:

TOP LEFT: Atlas by Jared Flood, the colorwork chart for which one might be able to impose upon Grettir?

TOP RIGHT: Arlo by Michele Wang, which has me pondering adding some of its cables to Slade

BOTTOM LEFT: Vika by Veronik Avery, which they really should go ahead and grade up!

BOTTOM RIGHT: Sock Monkey Sweater by Jared Flood, which shouldn’t be too hard to adapt from Brownstone


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16 thoughts on “New Favorites: In my size, please

  1. 90 degrees this week, and pictures of lovely sweaters. I can feel my hands sweating now!
    But eventually cooler weather will return, and I’ll wonder why I didn’t start that sweater. Got a huge shipments of romney in this week and knitted up a gauge swatch last night, so it may work out…

  2. You are not alone in wanting all of the collection in adult sizes too. I can see how you could add cables to a basic pattern but sleeve shaping Berenice is beyond me.

  3. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this collection, as I have 5 kids. To be honest, it’s harder to find really cute kids knitting patterns as there is such a huge amount of baby patterns and adult patterns, but very little in-between. I brought my 10 year old over to the computer to get her opinion on her favorite. She liked the steeked, cardigan version of Atlas, as long as she could pick out her own colors. She likes everything she owns to be purple for some reason. I think I would be okay with knitting that one! She also was a huge fan of the hats and scarves.

    My 8 year old son was a little tougher to please. He didn’t like any of the sweaters with a shawl collar, unfortunately. I love shawl collars. His favorite was Wyatt, as long as it could be red, with Atlas coming into a strong second.

    As for me, if there could be any one in my size, it would be the sock monkey sweater. I don’t know why. It just makes me smile all over.

    • Isn’t that a cute, cheeky sweater?
      Not a clunker in the bunch — they’re all really good.

  4. I love the entire collection. My children are all too old for the sizes but the designs are just so beautiful that I really hope they will ‘upsize’ them. The waiting is the hardest part…

  5. The yoke chart for Atlas is surely fewer rows than for Grettir, so it would probably require some serious chart modification, whether that meant vertically stretching the motifs over more rows or simply adding to the chart…but for the determined knitter, it would be do-able!

  6. Would love all four of these to be made available in adult sizes! Hope they would be made available in adult sizes someday!

  7. I love this collection so much. Most of these would be pretty easy to adapt — either in a bigger yarn, as Julie Hoover suggests, or just by adding more edge stitches / pattern repeats. Berenice is on my list, for sure <3

  8. I love everything about this collection. I wish BT offered a way to just purchase the whole thing in one go, rather than each pattern individually. I would totally scoop this up.

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