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This is a short but meaty installment of Elsewhere and I hope you’ll spend some quality time with it!

— I love every single thing Mac Housley had to say on the Love to Sew Podcast about why a diverse feed is important and so much more — please take time to listen to that this weekend, if you haven’t already. And see also the Harvard document she mentions, Suggested Norms for Cross-Cultural Dialogue

— I love this piece by my collaborator-friend Jen Hewett (above) on being a creative and a recovering perfectionist. For me, being one too, this bit about her great grandmother is the perfect tiny life lesson: She was a talented cook, but sometimes her cakes didn’t rise properly. “My mother never called those failures,” Auntie Maude said. “She’d slice that cake, pour some cream on top, and call it a ‘pudding.’ And we loved those puddings.”

— And I LOVE Dana Williams-Johnson’s piece about her 164 sweaters, and lol’d at her responses to the questions she receives (did you see the one I got to borrow?)

— Also: this Log Cabin situation

This groovy top

— and peeping what people are doing with that fascinating Junko Bouquet pattern

Happy weekend, everyone. I’ve been on overload lately and am looking forward to some quiet time with my mini Sólbein. Hope to have it to show to you next week! What are you working on?



Photo of Jen Hewett © me for Fringe Supply Co.

3 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the link to The Assembly Line line of sewing patterns! I thought I was aware of many of the online retailers of digital pdf patterns but this one slipped through somehow! Absolutely love the “Elastic Tie Sweater” which is actually a medium-weight denim/cotton woven fabric top. It’s a bit pricey and I really should finish some of the numerous other patterns I’ve acquired in the past month or two, but this will definitely be in the queue by summer!

  2. Loved Jen’s thoughts – perfectionism can be so crippling. I’m pretty slapdash, but I know people who battle it daily. And that blanket!! It is gorgeous and vertigo inducing at the same time…
    This weekend I’m finishing up a purple handspun shawl that’s a gift for a friend who’s going through a rough patch. Then back to my Audrey coat.

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