New Favorites: Junko’s abstract Bouquet

New Favorites: Junko's abstract Bouquet

I’m jumping the gun on this one because I literally cannot wait until the pattern publishes on Friday — it’s Junko Okamoto’s latest flash of brilliance, the Bouquet Sweater and scarf (not sure if the latter will be a separate pattern, but I assume). We’ve talked before about my love of The Twigs, and I’m equally smitten with her floral doodle on Papa, but this one is next level. Bouquet features a large-scale flower motif that reminds me of a sort of Weiner Werkstätte way of doing a floral — graphic and abstracted. But it’s also not a standard stranded motif and not embroidered after the fact. I’m eager to see when the pattern drops, but it’s either an incredibly clever use of right-side and wrong-side floats, or a wrapping technique similar to that in L’Arbre Hat? Like I said, I can’t wait to see the pattern and find out.

She’s knitted the sample sweater in a marl and a fairly low-contrast color, downplaying the effect — then flipped the two yarns for the scarf. For a higher-contrast version, just look at this gorgeousness.

And I just realized there’s been an unintended theme to New Favorites so far this year — bouclé cables, mohair colorwork, stranded purls and now this. So much lovely surface texture happening.


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  1. I’m with you, this sweater is other worldly. I can get drunk on imagining the color choices. There are so many talented designers and dyers available to us today. It is forcing me to make smarter decisions about what I knit and with what I knit. Your editorials often affirm or reinforce my choices. Thank you. Since our time is the most precious aspect of our knitting…I appreciate your opinion…it helps me to choose wisely!..(unless I am seduced by some crazy wool). 😂 Feet of clay.

  2. At first look, it seems like a modified Roositud technique combined with duplicate stitch. Whatever it is, it is such a lovely design!

  3. Junko Okamoto’s designs are just something else! I’m afraid those long floats would not survive my dog’s attention getting swats, but I’m still eager for Feb 15. Now i have to go look up Roositud technique. . .

    • Dog people totally understand this problem. If not catching floats or bobbles they seem to walk past a project and 20’ of yarn later are in a different room dragging a skein behind them.
      Junko never disappoints with her unique designs!

  4. This is lovely. I think the low contrast elevates it into being very classy. I also think wearing it with the scarf just makes the ensemble.

  5. LOVE this low contrast version. This is definitely in my queue as well and I have booked a reminder to buy the pattern on Friday. Thank you for making me/us aware of this beautiful thing. I probably would not have noticed it otherwise. Your eye is remarkable!

  6. I have been waiting with bated breath for this pattern, going so far as to look up the yarn in the original colors. But that blue contrast…now I don’t know which to chose! It’s going to be a tough choice.

  7. I came across this a couple of days ago and I faved it (even in advance of the patterns being avail!) That’s something I rarely do, if ever, cuz I like to see lots of versions before committing – even to a little heart button click. I only wish I could see more of the pattern in the photos on offer so far! I guess I needn’t worry much. I have a feeling I’ll have access to all of the views I need pretty soon.

  8. Ooh, so excited that you’ve highlighted this, I’m anxiously awaiting it as well. I feel like I saw somewhere that the flower motif is actually embroidered on top, but now I can’t remember where I read that? Can’t wait to find out come Friday. I’m imagining it in a marled oatmeal with pure white flowers – impractical but gorgeous!

  9. It looks fantastic. And then I went out to check the kit page: 260$ for the yarn kit! Good grief! Who can pay that amount for a sweater? Not me. But I am definitely putting the pattern in my favorites. Thanks for sharing, I did not know that designer.

  10. like so many beautiful sweater designs they seem so heavy. Have promised i would not knit anything else i can only wear a month (maybe) out of the year. Any suggestions? This is just so fabulous .

    • You could knit it in fingering weight, modifying the numbers for the lighter gauge. Or go with the scarf instead.

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