New Favorites: Yuko Shimizu sweaters

New Favorites: Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu is one of many great designers I’ve learned of this past week as a result of the powerful discussion going on about diversity and the knitting community. If you’ve missed it somehow, there’s a good synopsis-with-links on Ravelry. In addition to hopefully opening eyes and minds to ways we can all do better to make the knitting community (and the world) a more inclusive place, it’s bringing a lot of wonderful and talented people into broader view.

I’m super smitten with these sweaters:

TOP: Sunburst is a fantastic little cropped colorwork sweater with full sleeves and some mohair content giving it an unusual surface texture for such a sweater

BOTTOM: Anton Sweater is a sport-weight raglan sweater with allover cables and texture; a slouchy, cropped shape; and split neck — see also this ivory version on her IG feed

She also has a cute free cable hat pattern, Tonttu Beanie, among other beauties and this one on the way.


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14 thoughts on “New Favorites: Yuko Shimizu sweaters

  1. Not sure the shape of the first one is for me, but oh those cables! Calling out for some Rowan denim so they could get nice and faded…

  2. Love love LOVE these so much! My favorite is the one on the bottom – the split neck especially. Just wish I had the talent/skill to knit it!! One day….

  3. Oooh that cabled one! I have a SQ of de rerum natura ulysse that I’ve been unsure what to do with, and I think it wants to be this sweater. I’ve never knit cables before though, but I can practice that skill first in a smaller project.

    • Yeah, you might want to knit a hat first and get the hang of it. But cables are way easier than they look.

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