New Favorites: Sari’s cable hats

New Favorites: Sari's cable hats (knitting patterns)

When I was putting together my 2018 Favorite New Favorites and looking back through the year’s best (in my opinion!) knitting patterns, there were several things I regretted not having gotten onto the blog yet. Chief among them, these two enticing cable hat patterns by Sari Nordlund:

TOP: Marlon Hat is gorgeous and worsted weight, which means I have countless yarn options in my stash

BOTTOM: Utu Hat is gorgeous and written for Woolfolk’s weirdly compelling bouclé yarn, Flette, which I happen to have two skeins of (because they sent them to me) and so much curiosity about that I’m seriously sitting here thinking “would I knit a hat on 2s …?”


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3 thoughts on “New Favorites: Sari’s cable hats

  1. I knit the Ryg hat for Flette on 3s (pattern calls for 5s; I almost always go down at least 2 sizes). It still went really quickly. My gauge ended up being a little off (I did swatch, but I think on larger format the rib stretched), so I’m going to rip out and do on 2s or 1s! It’s lovely to knit with and not overly warm.

  2. I became obsessed with boucle yarn last year because of a plymouth yarn my lys is carrying…. It is irresistible in person. I bought it the first time to knit a kitten hat for my daughter in a natural cream color (yes, every bit as adorable as it sounds) and I held it double. It flew off the needles and you seriously put your face in it at the end of every row it is so soft and dreamy. I bought it the second time because my son demanded a similar hat. I finally caved and bought a sweaters worth for myself….. I cannot stop with this yarn. The texture looks almost exact to flette. So all I can say is, it won’t even bother you that it’s on size 2s cause it is so dreamy the whole time you are knitting!!

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