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If you haven’t heard, there’s a shiny new Fringe Supply Co. site that went live as the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, and among its many lovely traits is that you can sign up to be notified when an out-of-stock item returns. So if you’re waiting for the next Town Bag update, for example, the new process is to simply click on the big blue “Notify me” button, plug in your email address and wait to be notified! (If we receive X of an item, the first X people on the list will get notified first, and so on. So the sooner you get onto a list, the better.) If it’s the army-green Porter Bin you’ve been waiting for, that’s now back in stock!

And if you haven’t seen the #fringeandfriendssteekalong feed yet, you must — but good luck resisting a cast-on if you haven’t already made the leap! Those are some insanely tempting WIPs over there. Happily my yarn is here, so I’ll be casting on this weekend!

But first, Elsewhere:

Style muse
I’m fascinated by this method for making a string bag
It’s not you, it’s the yarn — more on the subject of twist (which got really interesting in the comments)
– “By choosing less choice [less stash] I’ve gained my freedom but I’ve also gained a life of living rather than dreaming.”
These sleeves, this sweater, this blanket … knitters blow my mind
– And don’t miss these Fair Isle puffin videos (click to the second slide when you get there!)

Happy weekend, everyone!


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Top photo by Felicia Semple; bottom photo by Lori Ann Graham-Rushfeldt

8 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. “Choosing less choice” is my 2019 goal. The concept has been forming itself slowly as I realized how much time was lost each day to gorging on the daily feed of ‘new’ stuff. My bookshelves are filled will incredible patterns that get lost when hit with the ever increasing flow of ‘of-the-moment’ glitter, be it patterns, new yarn, or yarn on sale. I reduced the amount of input coming my way in 2018 carefully deciding what content adds to my life and brings me joy. Now I can remain focused on what already lives with me and make those dreams from the past become reality in my present.

  2. Re: stash-less. I actually find that I buy less (not just yarn, but everything) because I browse all the lovely stuff on the internet and then I seem to lose interest in owning whatever it is. Either I can’t see exactly what I am looking for, or I gorge myself on so much virtual richness that I realise I don’t need the actual thing. I am almost certain this is not how it’s meant to work, but it certainly helps me!

  3. WOW! That woman looks fabulous… embracing the natural beauty of old age and wearing clothes and jewelry that really suits her. Just simply WOW! Thanks for sharing the post Karen!

  4. Wow! So much to see!

    That string bag is pretty cool! It’s just a big knitting betty for grownups. And interesting that she calls it weaving, it really is making a knit stitch. Very fun.

    Love the actual people models that are showing up everywhere, what a beautiful post.

    Thank you for finding it all so we could do more with less!

  5. Interesting Elsewhere as always, Karin. And although the articles are cool, my main response is I WANT A PUFFIN!

  6. Great post. Love the bag idea. It is the same as the old spool knitting that we did as kids. And the older model. They are showing up with gray and white hair on other sites. I didn’t know that puffins were tame. I recently went through all of my yarn stash. It occupies much of a closet. I now purchase patterns and am in the process of making it all work.

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