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Happy Friday! We’re halfway into the #fringemarlislekal (details here) and there’s still plenty of time to jump in.  Fancy Tiger — who, you may recall, are offering some of the prizes! — have a lovely interview with Anna up on their blog, and there’s still time to get a seat in some of her classes at Fancy if you’re in the Denver vicinity.

Other than that, here’s Elsewhere:

– Fascinated by this Yoke-u-lator that Kelsey Leftwich used for her amazing Summer of Basics sweater

This Ellsworth coat is perfect

So simple; so good. (Pattern here)

– I love that there’s a book of 40 of Norah Gaughan’s decades of Vogue Knitting patterns in the world (I’m into that texture-rich one pictured above)

– Ummmm …. somehow that’s all I’ve got! (lol) Man, I knew I had way too many plates spinning these past few weeks, but I have never not saved a boatload of links and references to comb through when it’s Elsewhere time. Wow, that speaks volumes.

So I’m putting it to you guys: What are the best things you’ve seen/read/heard lately? Please share!

And I hope you have an awesome weekend. I’ve got some really fun stuff lined up for you next week, so I’ll see you back here on Monday!




15 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Thanks for the reminder that I’ve got Ellsworth in my pattern stash – such a great coat. Also, Yoke-u-lator. Is there anything better? Not only is it simply genius, but when you’re happily working on the sweater and someone wants to interrupt your merry industry, you can say “Sorry, Yoke-u-lator!”

  2. I am halfway into season 2 of OZARK on Netflix. So much happening so hard to knit to as you want to see it all. I choose knitting over reading these days so I am waaaay behind in books. I take a much-needed news break now and then. Too much news and I get too wired up:)

    • I wanted to watch that because the Ozarks is where we went as a kid for lake house / water skiing situations, but I find the world dark enough these days that I want my entertainment to be entertaining. Might give it another try some other time!

  3. Got a chance to take some classes with Norah Gaughan last weekend – she is pretty amazing, and a fun teacher, too! Showed us slides from the book and talked about each design and what made it special enough for the book. What an amazing body of work she has.

  4. I just got back from Wales, where I visited the National Wool Museum of Wales. Their website is definitely worth a look: http://www.museum.wales/wool . Mail order is a an option, and it is worth noting that in a normal size order, Americans do not pay VAT, and the cost of shipping by Royal Mail i s pretty comparable to local shipping by UPS. (There was yarn in my suitcase, and a blanket is on its way)

  5. I’m about to start a new sweater so have been reading your posts re gauge and particularly row gauge. They’re a huge help!

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