Wiksten Kimono, pajama style (2018 FO-17/18)

Wiksten Kimono, pajama style (2018 FO-17)

Friday afternoon, depressed at seeing “sew kimono” stuck in a long, dreary list of weekend chores, I gave myself permission to skip out of work and let a couple hours of stolen sewing time be an indulgence rather than just another to-do. (Thank you, Felicia.) So by midday Saturday, I had finished the Wiksten Kimono I’d laid out as part of my alternate pajama plan for Summer of Basics, and I actually enjoyed every minute of sewing it.

I followed Jenny’s notes for the unlined version of the kimono jacket, leaving out the interfacing on the collar so it would be soft and bunchy. And again in the interest of yardage preservation, I cut the under collar on the cross-grain. Otherwise, it’s straight from the pattern, and I’m quite pleased with my little housecoat — although I like it best with the collar up and bunched and the sleeves pushed up, super ’80s all the way, so wish I hadn’t done that with the cross-grain. But still! I like it, and will probably even wear it out of the house. It’s the mid-length medium, by the way, and thanks again to Jenny for sending me the pattern.

It seemed appropriate (or at least justifiable) to take Sunday morning photos of it with my Carolyn pj pants, complete with bedhead so you get the full effect:

Wiksten Kimono, pajama style (2018 FO-17)

And then there are these, uh, boxer shorts? When I was done with the kimono, I still really wanted a pair of pj shorts to go with it, so I pulled out another remnant of remnants and the pajama pants pieces I had traced off before, and made the quickest possible version of them: no pockets, no cuffs, not even the actual shorts pattern, just the pants lopped off and teeny hemmed. Of all the lovely design details of the Carolyn Pajamas pattern, the only one I kept intact was the faux fly, which — combined with the fabric — wound up looking like a somewhat sad pair of boxer shorts. But eh, I’m happy to have them. And more committed than ever to making a proper pair of the shorts, cuffs and pockets and all (in the blue stripe fabric of the kimono, if I can squeak it all out of what’s left), as well as getting back to the navy linen pants plan, as soon as possible.

Who knew pajamas were so fun to make? And talk about an indulgence — I’ve never had such nice pajamas before. (Although I have worn plenty of boxer shorts with my tank tops.)

It occurs to me I’ve now technically completed three garments for #summerofbasics, as pictured here, although none are exactly what I initially set out to make.

In case anyone missed it, here’s how to submit your final SoB finishes for a chance at the grand prize! I’m not eligible for prizes, but I’m still trying to finish my sweater in time!


PREVIOUSLY in SoB PJ’s: Carolyn pajama pants



21 thoughts on “Wiksten Kimono, pajama style (2018 FO-17/18)

  1. Do you think the pattern version you used was the new one or the one from the book?
    It looks really nice and comfy.

    • This is from the official Wiksten pattern released in June. The precursor in Making was, as I understand it, much more voluminous and only came in one length, etc.

  2. I prefer the 90 degree rotation of fabric on both the shorts and kimono!! First, it gives some ZIP! Secondly, it would be nigh on impossible, and ‘way too tedious to enjoy, trying to line up and sew the stripes so precisely that they looked perfect. The 90 degree approach looks more interesting and slays the matchy matchy devils. Another approach might be to use a contrasting fabric if grain or shortage of main fabric were an issue/problem.

    • Oh, stripes are actually the easiest thing to match, in my view, and especially on something as squared-0ff as all this.

      That said, the original version of the pattern in Making, and probably most of the versions walking around in the world, use a contrasting fabric for the lining and collar, so the collar contrasts with the body of the jacket. It looks great, just not my thing.

  3. Oooh, I’m so digging your Kimono! I’m still mulling over what fabric to use for mine and those stripes are super fab. And you know, I really like the cross-grain under-collar. But I totally get it if you’re not that into them. Maybe they’ll grown on you eventually. (Or maybe we’ll see a future post where you’ll show us how you unpicked the seams and replaced it with a re-cut collar? ;) ) And those boxers don’t look sad at all – they look rather happy and ready for Sunday morning coffee-drinking and newspaper-reading to me!

    • I am definitely never unpicking all of that! I don’t hate, just would have preferred it to all be on the vertical. Actually, on my broad frame the collar seems a bit skimpy when folded over, so I think if I were to make another one, I’d make the whole collar like 3″ wider! But I wouldn’t recommend that on a narrower frame.

  4. I’ve technically completed three garments since SoB started too, but only one was on my list so it feels not-true (even though I know it totally does’t matter and I don’t actually have real deadlines- ah!). I absolutely am starting to feel that dread of seeing sewing as a to-to instead of something I set out to be fun and fulfilling, so I like the idea of re-framing that time as an indulgence, so hoping to follow your lead here. Love the PJs! They’re like executive pajamas- totally suitable for working around the house, feeling comfy and like a boss!

  5. I would totally wear that kimono as a light weight jacket. Love the stripe contrasts of pants and kimono. BTW did you ever find a suitable pattern for that lovely shibori dyed fabric you have?

  6. I am almost finished with an unlined Wiksten in a beautiful textured cotton (called Kolkata) from Stone Mountain. I flat-felled all the seams and left out the interfacing. The fabric has weight to it and without being inhibited by a lining, falls so beautifully. What an easy, yet satisfying pattern. Your sleep jacket version is really cute!

  7. This is just great! I have been looking for something like a house jacket and never thought to just linen…am ordering this pattern now. Thanks Karen, it’s lovely

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