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"Bury me with yarn and needles" tote from Fringe Supply Co.

Sometime last year, my brain coined a funny phrase: Bury me with yarn and needles and I shall rest in peace. Morbid but lovely, right? I asked myself: If I were to print that on a tote bag, would anyone but me want to carry it around? Based on the response when we previewed it at the Squam Art Fair, the answer is a resounding yes! Thankfully, because when I love something, I really hope you will too! And am so thankful that you do. The tote is available today at Fringe Supply Co. and at yarn stores all over — ask for it at your LYS or order it here.

And with that, here’s a small but meaty Elsewhere!

– Off topic, but fascinating and so important — please read from start to finish! The nut behind the wheel

Lovely piece by Karen Peacock about her crochet life and her groovy Logalong sweater pattern

Comprehensive guide to sewing buttons onto your handknits

– And hooray! the custom croquis-maker MyBodyModel is now in beta


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11 thoughts on “New tote! + Elsewhere

  1. Love it!! In a similar vein, but not really, I just told someone I wanted to be buried in a coffin made of coconut macaroon and drizzled with chocolate. You, know…just in case I am buried alive. Zombie Apocalypse be damned!

  2. Thank you for “The Nut Behind the Wheel.” As someone who works in automotive safety, I’ve seen first hand how good data can change opinions. An interesting idea.

  3. Just a tip about non-washable buttons. If you make buttonholes on each side of the cardigan fronts, you can sew the buttons to a separate ribbon. Just put the button through the buttonholes on the left, then button the sweater like normal. I have done this for some beautiful pewter buttons that never should go through the wash.

  4. I just finished reading the comprehensive guide to sewing on buttons . . excellent!

  5. Looking forward to carrying the RIP tote! And thank you for the shout-out for my crochet story and sweater…hoping someone will make it for Summer of Basics (or ever)!

  6. My favorite ‘morbid’ aphorism is from Mark Twain –
    “Go to heaven for the weather, hell for the company.” I’d carry a tote that said that.
    But it doesn’t have anything to do with knitting.

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