True Confessions and Our Tools, Ourselves

Funny moments in Our Tools, Ourselves

If there’s one installment of Our Tools, Ourselves that pops into my mind on a regular basis and makes me laugh every time, it’s the interview with crocheter-stitcher-knitter-sewer Tif Fussell (aka Dottie Angel) with one of the funniest confessions of all time. And of course, the whole series is a trove of wit and wisdom!


PREVIOUSLY in Our Tools, Ourselves: Jenny Gordy of Wiksten

Top photo © Tif Fussell

5 thoughts on “True Confessions and Our Tools, Ourselves

  1. So fun going back to re-read this Our Tools post. It really is such a great interview! It reminds me that a couple of years back while on the way to a weekend in Seattle, I happened to bump into Tif at Tolt Yarn & Wool in Carnation, WA and we had the loveliest chat, complimenting me and asking me about the shawl I was wearing (it was Shannon Cook’s Feyre). She was just the loveliest, funniest most darling person ever and if she noticed I was a bumbling, goofball, star-struck fan-girl, she never let on. Before I left, she kindly posed for selfies with me and gave me a hug. All the way to the car, and as my husband and I drove out of town, all I could say was oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!! Seriously, it was pretty much the highlight of my holiday.

  2. Tif Fussell, like many crafters I’ve “gotten to know” online over the past few years, offers a depth of insight into her lovely soul and ways and I can’t help adding, free of charge! I’m dazzled by the generosity, talent and wit she and so many others offer. That would include you, Karen Templer! Thank you, beautiful people.

  3. That was THE most darling and whimsical read and method of phrasing of anything I have read lately. Thank you for the post sending us back to read that. I never caught it the first time around – being a new follower of your blog – so was happy to be directed to it. Funny, I have seen Tif in Tolt – I live here in the Seattle area – and follow her on instagram, but have never read her blog. Excited to have something new to fill my head with.

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