Make Your Own Basics: The jackets

Make Your Own Basics: The jackets

Some of you wanting to really stretch your sewing skills for this year’s Summer of Basics might be considering outerwear. We’ve talked before in Make Your Own Basics about coats and trench coats, but there are still a few archetypal jackets and patterns left to be considered:

THE JEAN JACKET: Audrey by Seamwork is a true classic (For more of the work-jacket version, see Ottoline)

THE ANORAK: Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns hits all the notes

THE BIKER / MOTO: B6169 by Liesl Gibson is a somewhat fitted, pared down take on the look (For the full lapels, see Melissa Watson for McCall’s M7694; or for a knitted cardigan see Elsie, and sweater-vest version, see Harley)

Do you know what you’re making for Summer of Basics yet? You can survey the entire Make Your Own Basics series at Pinterest if you need something to spark ideas!


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20 thoughts on “Make Your Own Basics: The jackets

  1. For a knitted biker jacket, also check out Kate Atherley’s “The Wild One” on Ravelry.

  2. Great patterns – love the jeans jacket especially. For those interested in a waterproof anorak, sells rainwear fabric. That would be fun one to sew, too. Thanks, Karen.

  3. I am slowly, delightfully working my way through the Kelly Anorak! The pattern is clear and the blog tutorials are super helpful, too! The biggest challenge is working with the amazeballs waxed canvas I’m making it out of. That stuff does not move easily, but it’s going to be fantastic once it’s done! I’m glad it’s taking a while, working fast my normal speed… Putting a seam in here and there between art projects has been a great way to work on this jacket without getting overwhelmed by it.

  4. I have made the Kelly Anorak twice – once for my daughter out of a cotton twill and once for myself out of a waterproof nylon lined with flannel. We both love it and I plan to make another one for myself out of a cotton to be determines. She has a tutorial to help with the zipper. It is a wonderful jacket!

    I have also made two jean jackets from two different patterns (quite few years ago and still love wearing both). They are great to have in the wardrobe!

  5. I was going to attempt a jean jacket but I found a Levi’s Menswear with big pockets at a thrift store. It was large so I cut off the sleeves and have this awesome jean jacket vest:) I do like the hooded Anorak though.

  6. I made a Kelly Anorak last year for the Summer of Basics, and while it was an involved project, it was all manageable. Now I wear that coat ALL. THE. TIME. I love it and am so happy with the finished product.

  7. That moto jacket has been in my queue to sew for a while! It gets great reviews. I’d like to try it in a lighter color for spring. Like a heavier grey/white chambray.

  8. I’m planning on making the Tello Jacket which is a gorgeous chore jacket by Pauline Alice. It will be a challenge but I’m excited to take it on.

    • Jen Beeman just sent me that pattern last night when I was working on this. It seems more like a blazer than outerwear to me, for me anyway, but I love it! And am also considering it for SoB.

    • I think Tello would make a lovely jacket in denim or other stiff fabric and maybe a bit more lenght, but if I may tell it, you should double check the finished garment measurements, not only those given by Pauline, but also by measuring the pattern pieces, because I have had a few disappointments in the past. For example the shoulders of her Carme blouse are so narrow I have never been able to button mine at the collar !

  9. Just wanted to mention THE WILD ONE from Kate Atherley and see that someone has. Saw it in person and it was great!

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