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So that was a fantastic discussion Mr. Day-Lewis and his gansey generated yesterday — thank you all for being such great sleuths! It was apparently left to DDL by his father and previously included in the Moray Firth gansey exhibit, which was what inspired Cordova’s Gansey Project that I had linked at the foot of the post. Amazing! But the comments are full of all kinds of great thoughts, leads, links, possible sources, and pattern suggestions. I’ll follow up on it further when I can dig deeper!

Other than that, here’s a spot of Elsewhere:

– I’m kind of love-hating the Spring 10×10 challenge at this point. Loving seeing everyone’s else’s photos; hating taking my own! I’ll have a recap when I’m done, but have been posting daily ootd pics to my Instagram and feed and Story @karentempler

Words to live by

Vintage sewing patterns directory, aka rabbit hole of doom (thx, DG)

– This might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read about what it is to make things for loved ones

– Someday I’ll get to the Faroe Islands; meanwhile there’s this (photo above by @fancyjaime and definitely check her IG feed for many many more)

– This chic dog sweater pattern has increased my dog longing roughly tenfold

Stunning mittens for a worthy cause

– I’m super into the shape of this sweater and the textures of this one (and omg this whole ensemble)

– and this combination of eye-popping sweater dress and suede trench coat

– and Mary Jane is still my hero

Happy weekend, everyone! See you next week—







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  1. *SPLUTTER* No mention of Fabio’s being ROBBED on Project Runway All-Stars? It’s OBVIOUSLY the most important fashion news of the week.

  2. Oh my goodness, the post about making the fox for her child had me in tears. It does capture the feeling and desire to knit for loved ones perfectly.

  3. I crack up at your log of dogs, I think you should go and find a good one to adopt and knit all the sweaters for ;) My littlest dog, Jellybean, lives for a good sweater. HA!

  4. Thanks for reconnecting us Karen. I just thought I would mention, we are in the midst of preparing for our second FisherFolk event which is nearly full, as far as workshops are concerned, but a very few spaces left for those who would simply like to see the Stella Ruhe Dutch Gansey exhibit of fifty ganseys in America for its maiden voyage with adult and children’s ganseys from Holland, hear Stella speak, hear Beth Brown Reinsel speak and be here for her presentation and release of her updated Knitted Ganseys book, enjoy salmon and a campfire, go hiking and exploring for just the basic registration fee. One can also register for a fee to spend a day kayaking and knitting in Prince William Sound. We gather together to celebrate and to honor FisherFolk and fisherknitters past and present, and to remember that for them and for our little community, the fish brought them together and the driving force of the growth of the Gansey tradition , as well as other fisherknit garments as in Faroe and Finland, and it is by following the fish, wild salmon in particular for us, that we hope is where fashion and function come to a new place and time of connectivity, meaning, and purpose.

  5. Dang, I really wanted to find out that DDL knit that gansey himself! Oh well, I’ll console myself by knitting that super-cute free (yay!) sweater for my sweet (rescued) Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross, Lottie. She may not know it, but I’m pretty sure she’s desperate for a new sweater. And yeah, you should seriously think about rescuing a doggie. They’ll love you forever and are so fun to knit for. Bonus: they never disagree with your yarn or pattern choices.

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  7. I’m so glad to see the Penny Straker gansey pattern featured! I’ve knit three sweaters from it and it works up perfectly. (It also scales up nicely – use heavier yarn and larger needles.) And thanks for sharing all the research on DDL’s gansey. Now I’ve got to dig out my knitting needles, yarn, and start on another one!

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