Happy Friday! Happy last day of June! Happy start to the long weekend, if you get such a thing! Here are some links for your amusement and enlightenment—

A project small enough for me to crochet! But I would make just one and wear it as a pendant (above right)

– If I ever knitted a Mitered Crosses Blanket, I would want it to look like this one

Can natural indigo work at industrial scale?

– What do bicycles, comfortable clothing and a woman’s right to vote have to do with each other? (I love this!) (above left)

14 hem tutorials

Is the tourism boom harming Iceland?

– How do you make the right garments for you? Three things to ask yourself

– “Nobody cares about these old things anymore” </sad face>

– Knitters’ life lessons: “I’ve ignored what I know to be true before, and the result is always the same …

June has been an absolute whirlwind for me. I’m looking forward to a proper weekend and might even extend it into the holiday! However long it lasts, all I want to do is sit still and knit my sleeves. (Although I’m hoping for a surprise burst of energy to do some cutting.) What do you have planned?

SHOP NEWS: We’re down to just a handful of army-green Porter Bins for the moment, but it’s back in production and we’re building up inventory to get the stores stocked, so if it sells out before you get there, look for an announcement about its return in about a month!


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9 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Great Post Karen! New and very importante information, specially about the Indigo color and the bycicle importance in womens independence. I enjoyed them very much. Thank you for sharing! Unfortunately I won’t have an extended weekend. 4th of July is not a holiday in Brazil. Although I usually give myself the fridays off I will have a course during the whole day tomorrow. But I’m planning a whole knitting day on Sunday. Finishing the right front of my Bellows for #summerofbasics”. Planning on starting my sleeves right away. The forecast says it’s going to rain and get cooler. Have a nice weekend everybody!!!

  2. Especially loved the piece on the bicycle! Who knew the impact it had on so many aspects of women’s lives and we’ll being?

  3. Thanks so much for linking to my 14 hems tutorials post on the Oliver + S blog :)
    Happy 4th of July weekend!

  4. Always love the Elsewhere post that I usually read over the week-end. I am looking forward to this rainy and cold couple of days here in Brittany to knit the two short sleeves of my first Summer of Basics project. Plus the designer expects the project to be completed by Monday (this is a test knit). So hooray for the rain !

  5. That mitered blanket is beautiful! I don’t know if it’s still ethical to vacation in Iceland, but living there is sure looking good…

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