Summer of Basics: A feed full of well-laid plans

Summer of Basics: A feed full of well-laid plans

We’re already a month into the Summer of Basics Make-along and the #summerofbasics feed is beyond amazing. You all are beyond amazing. All I have to show for myself so far is half of a sleeve (and a damn fine half-sleeve it is) whereas some people have already finished a couple of garments and others are still mulling their plans. All of which is perfectly dandy! This is meant to be casual — jump in any time. Before we get any further from the official start line, though, I had the urge to highlight a few standout planning posts and the people behind them—

Clockwise from top left; click through for the full images and to read all about them: @rachelbeckman, @shedabbles, @jennaashburn, @thestoryclubpdx, @valishungry, @a.klat, @kirsten_weis, @cutikula.

I particularly love the sentiment behind this remark from Jenna Ashburn: “Less than a year ago I would have said [making jeans] is something I could never do, but no one ever got a perfect pair of low rise skinny jeans with that attitude.” Perfect of not, I’m saying amen! to everyone who’s doing something they once thought unthinkable, whether that’s sewing a straight line or knitting a first garment or whatever the case may be.

PLEASE NOTE: None of the above has anything to do with any of the prize selection at the end — each of the sponsors will be making their own prize selections and mine is a random drawing. (Prize details are here.) As I said, these are just some of the many plans that jumped off the screen at me and that I wanted to share, especially for those who might not be following every post to the feed.

What are some of your favorites? And how are you own plans going so far?


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12 thoughts on “Summer of Basics: A feed full of well-laid plans

  1. Wow! I’ve thought a lot about this activity, but I’m still not sure what I want to do for it, beyond the linen sloper I’ve been working on. I’m also in the midst of finishing up a bright, Nani Iro tunic and will hopefully complete a Falling Stars gathered skirt this evening at a friend’s, but both of these two projects involve fairly loud fabric and I wouldn’t call them basic.

    I’m trying to take to heart what I see as the central, organizing principle of this make-a-long: that we can make our own “basics”, i.e., garments that are foundational pieces of our wardrobe.

    Other than pants, I don’t really have basics. I’m in grad school, so don’t have much clothing, period. What I do have are a handful of very distinct pieces that I’ve kept over the years (surviving from my working days) because I am attached to them and they’ve held up, having not been worn extensively (on account of the distinctiveness). I really need a few garments in neutral shapes and colors that can work as bridge pieces to help incorporate the disparate odds and ends of my current wardrobe into something more coherent and flexible. I just haven’t been sure about what those neutral things will be. I think the summer of basics is a great way to start–it gives me a timeline and a number, which implicitly means that I need to focus on simple and do-able. My brain wheels are a-churning for sure!

  2. So glad to see Sonya Philip’s Pants #1 up there. I’m wearing some as I write this, and have another in my closet. They’re pretty much all I wear at this time year. So comfortable and good looking in Essex linen/cotton. BTW, I found I had to go down a size to XS to get a good fit in these, even though my measurements suggested I should make a small.

  3. I’ve done nothing except pick my three pieces (cream Willow tank, grey Luna Pant, black Hayward sweater) but seeing as I just quit my job and I’ll be fulltime unemployed soon, I am so looking forward to diving into this full force by early July! I’m actually going to actively participate on social media this time, because I’ll have the time (and the daylight hours of the PNW) to do so. Also excited to use this as the kick-in-the-pants I need to get some sewing basics done that I’ve needed and planned to do for a long long time. Thanks, Karen!

    • As someone who is struggling at work this week, I am more than a little envious of your departure from work and ability to spend some time sewing, elizabethmcmurtry! Good luck with your next steps, and enjoy the downtime.

      My update: I’ve done nothing on my projects either, haha, though they remain the same as originally selected (black eyelet short-sleeved blouse, olivey green silk Ogden cami, simple voile sundress). I have all the patterns and fabrics but between work, family, summertime busy-ness, a couple of necessary but boring home sewing projects, and a sewing project for my sister’s birthday (Moss miniskirt in black and gold denim!), haven’t yet made time to start the work. Hoping to at least cut pattern pieces very soon. I love all the encouragement here and on instagram! Lovely to see everyone’s interpretation of basics and delight in their finished garments.

  4. Wow!!! Such great ideas! Congratulations to everybody that is involved in this projet and working like busy bees!!!

  5. Thank you so much for including my post! I see this as the cosmic kick in the pants to get started on my Lottie muslin, which I have procrastinating on with lots of knitting and making tiny culottes for my fickle 3 year old. I am so enjoying and am so inspired by following others in this sew-along.

  6. Do all three basics have to be for us? I sew for my husband as well and I wondered if I can join the fun with two for me and one for him?

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