Maker Crush: Sasha of Secondo Piano

Maker Crush: Sasha of Secondo Piano

Probably one of the coolest girls in the handmade wardrobe community is Sasha Werner, whose blog is Secondo Piano and Instagram is @sasha_secondopiano. You may recognize her (even if you don’t already follow her) as I’ve linked to assorted blog posts and IG images of hers in Elsewhere on several occasions. Sasha is Italian but posts in English — a “motion media designer” who is also a jaw-droppingly talented garmentsmith. She’s a sewer, a hand-knitter and a machine-knitter, and I feel like I’ve seen her say she hasn’t been doing any of them for very long. But she’s incredible. In addition to having a very strong sense of personal style (with a sense of humor no less), her technical prowess sometimes blows my mind. I’ll likely never be able to sew (or even understand what sewers are talking about!) on the level she does, but I am endlessly inspired by her.


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6 thoughts on “Maker Crush: Sasha of Secondo Piano

  1. I always learn something here. This time an amazing new blog to follow! Interesting how “we” seem to be lacking in resources for our crafts (sewing), so many different options seem to be available across the pond for sewing your own clothes. Great post!

  2. Wow, her skills are amazing. I’m a much better knitter than sewer but I’ve been getting lots of nudges that I should get into machine knitting. I’d probably make even more stuff than I do now but I just don’t know if I want to invest. But there’s also a new sewing shop around the corner from my favorite yarn shop and I think about taking more classes to get my skills back up.

  3. Thank you so much Karen for your nice words. I am so flattered to be featured on your Maker Crush series. Wishing you and all your readers Happy Holidays!

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