Maker Crush: Ainslee of @mysuburbanfarm

Maker Crush: Ainslee of @mysuburbanfarm

It’s not that I want to wish away time — we all know it moves much too quickly as it is — but I am really ready for the swamp heat to move on. Yesterday afternoon I was home battling a wicked headache and longing to be somewhere cool, where the air could actually be described as “fresh,” so I took a little virtual journey to Australian winter by scrolling through the feed of @mysuburbanfarm, i.e. a Melbourne maker named Ainslee. I’m not sure when or how I first ran across her feed, but I know it was to do with the fact that she takes beautiful, dark and moody pics of her handcarved crochet hooks, among other things. After reading back through a little over a year of posts (not terribly frequent, don’t worry), I can tell you she’s a lovely woman with some sort of office job whose passion was tending her beautiful garden and chickens in her rustic backyard, weaving pretty baskets, until she tried her hand at carving wooden spoons and then crochet hooks, which led to her opening Ainslee Made, an online shop for her wares. If it weren’t for the “mysuburbanfarm” moniker, you’d never believe the photos were of life in a suburban backyard — the garden, the chickens, the beautiful reclaimed-wood woodshed and rusty tin shed where she does her carving. It’s an easy world to get lost in, and I only wish I could belly up for a slice of pizza from her woodfired oven and practice my crochet with one of her hooks.

Maker Crush: Ainslee of @mysuburbanfarm

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All photos © Ainslee/@mysuburbanfarm, used with permission

12 thoughts on “Maker Crush: Ainslee of @mysuburbanfarm

  1. Really lush n lovely. Meanwhile, my windows are fogged up from the humidity here in It City. Thick as soup!

  2. I agree with the “swamp heat”, fog every morning. Longing for some crisp fall mornings.

  3. Today the three block walk from my parking lot to my office soaked my dress with sweat…yuck. This is MN, where the temperature swings 110 degrees from winter to summer, and the humidity as well. I am really ready for fall.

    Those crochet hooks took my breath away. I must get some!

  4. No, no, no…please don’t rush the summer away! It’s never long enough, and we’re already losing 1-2 minutes of daylight per day…a depressing thought to say the least! Autumn will get here in all her glory soon enough…even though I hear what you’re saying about “fresh” air vs. AC!
    So sorry to hear about your headache, Karen. I have a very dear friend who suffers mightily from migraines and has found great relief (as in life altering!) from Botox treatments. Just a thought in the hopes that it may also help you!

  5. Oh dear. Sorry you are not able to enjoy the beautiful summer. Come north! We had some heat, but it only lasted a week, and now is gone again, it has been lovely and cool, and when we have fog, it is gentle and soothing, like pea soup – har har har.

    Those photos and carved hooks are amazing. I see the reason for the crush.

  6. I am currently in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia where The weather is cool’ but not cold. I will be heading back to Melbourne on the 20th to catch the ferry back to Tasmania. Don’t wish your life away. I woke up this morning to find that I am now 75. Life is so good no matter hao hot or howold you are. I wish you and your followers a wonderful day. Jocelyn

  7. The humidity on long island hits you like a big, hot, wet blanket. And smells like a wet dog. Saps my energy for my creative, stuff. Sweat, sweat,sweat, oy!

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