Elsewhere: Slow Fashion October edition 3

Elsewhere: Slow Fashion October edition 3

So I have some terrific links for you guys this week, but what I also would really like to do is hear from YOU! There’s been so much shared all over the web throughout Slow Fashion October — in comments on the posts here and on the @slowfashionoctober highlights at IG, on blogs all over, and of course the entirety of the #slowfashionoctober feed. What have been your favorite posts and moments and ideas so far? Please link to your favorites in the comments below!

– I’ve read this post three times it’s so good: “This is what I’ll carry with me when I wear my sweater in the wide world. Secret, humming power.” (photo above, left)

– Felicia Semple on trying to define Slow Fashion from the consumers’ point of view: “All we can do is our best; to be informed and make choices that make the most sense on any given day. We need to accept that often we will make those choices in uncertainty, but strive to take responsibility for them regardless.”

– “I want to talk about what I sometimes feel is the elephant in the room when it comes to Slow Fashion. Not the longevity of the garments but the longevity of Slow Fashion as a movement.”

– “Apparently I paid a lot for marketing

– “Every day I do just one thing before bed — press a seam, sew a block, mend. I make tiny progress and I end my day with what I love.”

– “To others it’s just a white shirt but to me it represents what can be achieved in small steps and finding focus in a chaotic season.”

– “A thing I know is that making for my favorite people is a way to take care of them.”

– “Sewing has given me a lot: a mental capacity for new skills … an appreciation of quality work … and a moral sense of responsibility for all people the world over who make clothes — because some of us do it in our homes for ourselves and some of us do it in unsafe factories for other people. Sewing taught me to care about that as more than just an idle worry.” (photo above, right)

– “Hoard your clothes, kids!!!

– “Even if you only make one garment in one year, that’s something. And even if you knit one scarf, that’s something too. No shame if you cannot make your entire wardrobe; you still have a place in slow fashion.”


Hey, if you’re in Middle Tennessee, I hope we’ll see you at Fiber in the ‘Boro tomorrow. And I hope you have a marvelous weekend no matter where you are!


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12 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Slow Fashion October edition 3

  1. All of today’s links are wonderful and thought provoking. In a perfect world, we could make everything we needed. But that is unrealistic. We need to spend our time on the parts of slow fashion we enjoy. In my case that is knitting and sewing. We need to be less reactive to the commercialism that tells us a special occasion means a new outfit. We need to love things less. When we make something, we are putting a little of ourselves and heart into the final product. Because it takes time to make, we bond a relationship with what we have made.

  2. All of the above were wonderful. I particularly liked the piece from Temple of Knit – so wonderful to see her writing again!

  3. Only recentry discovered temple of knit and absolutely loved the piece she wrote on slow fashion, so I’m thrilled it’s here. I also thoroughly enjoyed the first link. At the age of 26, I relate so much to all that she wrote. But now I will remember that secret humming power when I wear the things I made with my own hands.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve shared your thoughts on Slow Fashion October, and a number of my friends are getting on board. I really think it’s idea whose time has come.

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