New Favorites: Hoods

New Favorites: Hoods

Eventually it will cool off, right? I’m not actually complaining — don’t get me wrong — this Indian Summer suits me just fine. It looks like Fall but feels like the sort of summer weather I can get behind, and because it’s October I can get away with boots if I feel like it. But it does feel very faraway to think about needing a hat. Here’s the thing: As much as I love to knit hats, I have trouble wearing them. I’ve only ever had one that didn’t leave my hair destroyed, so once I put on a hat, there’s no taking it off. Which is why I’ve always wondered if I wouldn’t prefer a hood, which has the added benefit of protecting your neck at the same time! Norah Gaughan’s pattern from her new book (“Norah Gaughan’s Knitted Cable Sourcebook,” which is now out, by the way) got me mulling it again, and brought me to the others I’ve saved in the past:

TOP: Sourcebook Balaclava by Norah Gaughan is the coolest dickey in history

MIDDLE: Icicle Hood by Kari-Helene Rane has an Amelia Earhart vibe about it and I especially like it worn unbuttoned

BOTTOM: F627 Hooded Neckwarmer by Vanessa Ewing (free pattern) is a little more Hunger Games


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16 thoughts on “New Favorites: Hoods

  1. I love the cables in the Norah Gaughan hood, but I’m not sure I could swap my hats for hoods. I imagine they’d be much more cosy on snowy days though!

  2. I just got Norah’s Knitted Cable Sourcebook (amazeballs!) and had completely dismissed the hoodie, but after reading your post I’m a total convert! Thanks for showing me the way!

  3. What a great idea! Even though I knit hats all the time, I don’t feel I look good in them myself. But a hood might be the perfect solution – especially since I take walks all winter long. Neck would be warm and head would be warm.

  4. I love hoods! As a child, the only hat I would tolerate was a funky little thing that was halfway between a balaclava and one of these. Sadly, I now live in a climate where I can barely justify a hat, let alone the woolly, cable-y hood of my dreams… Is it worth making if you can only wear it for a week every year (when we’re visiting family in colder climes)?

  5. I made a “Family Hood” by Mel Clark – love it. The best part of a hood/hat is that you can push it off your head and not lose it.

  6. This makes me laugh because living in Wisconsin most of my adult life I got over the hat hair thing LOOOOOOOONG ago. And I bike year round, so even if it’s not hat weather, I have helmet head no matter what. I think if you live in the Midwest, you can just get away with looking sloppier. Maybe? I mean, people around here go to fancy restaurants in jeans and they’re not even ironic about it.

    Not sure what this has to do with hoods, if anything, but I had to comment :)

  7. I too want to recommend “Family Hood” by Mel Clark (4 sizes)
    When the hood is down it’s a great cowl. Nice fit.

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