WIP of the Week No.2 // and Elsewhere

WIP of the Week // and Elsewhere

Before I announce this week’s WIP of the Week, I want to say something about prizes, because I think people have a tendency to put too much stock in them. Prizes are lovely, but PRIZES ARE NOT THE POINT. As I’ve said before, I feel like when you participate in a knitalong, the prize is your sweater! And never more so than this Top-Down Knitalong, where it’s a sweater you cooked up completely on your own — and for many of you participating, it’s also the first time you’ve done so. What you get out of the knitalong is a sweater, plus a lot of learning and experience and maybe even some new friendships. Priceless rewards. If you happen to be one of a few people who wins a prize along the way, that’s just icing on the cake, right? It’s the cake that really matters.

With that said, this week’s WIP of the Week is by Beth, who is @bethtais on Instagram and also beththais on Ravelry. I wrote an essay recently for an upcoming book about how we, as knitters and sewers, have the power to make treasures, and not just clothes. This sweater of Beth’s is such a beautiful example of that, so it really stood out to me in that regard. She’s knitting a little striped cardigan for her daughter, and really thinking of it as a part of an outfit and larger wardrobe of treasures.  The yarn is the last in her stash of a much-loved small-batch yarn, Flock, left over from knitting she’s done for herself. And likewise, the dress is sewn from fabric she dyed and made herself a dress out of, before using the rest for her daughter. It’s the sweetest little outfit (reminds me of Kathryn Davey) and I hope it gets worn and loved and saved and passed on to the next generation. And I just adore that touch of blue in the stripe sequence. So beautifully done in every regard.

So congratulations, Beth, you’ve won 7 skeins of Purl Soho’s Flax Down, in the color of your choosing! Please email me at contact@fringesupplyco.com to collect your prize! And big thanks again to my friends at Purl Soho for providing this week’s luscious prize. Next week’s prize is 10 skeins of the new Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Marls, so keep those photos and stories coming! Link your Ravelry project to the Improv pattern page if you’re using my tutorial (131 projects and counting!), and use the hashtag #fringeandfriendsKAL2016 wherever you post. I especially love it when you leave links in the comments to your blog posts, so everyone can see those.

Whether you’re participating or not, I really recommend clicking through the posts on Instagram — such an amazing range of knitters and sweaters and trials and errors and victories. It’s incredible. When you’re done reading through that, there’s Elsewhere:

Have you seen Brandi’s YouTube channel? Gorgeous

Have you heard about Ann’s Washalong idea? Genius

Tom’s sweater is a work of art

And Dianna’s queue is jaw-droppingly beautiful

Great tutorial on seaming perpendicular knits

LOVING this year’s Refashioners challenge


I might need to make this tank

And this hat

Happy weekend, lovely people! See you back here next week—


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13 thoughts on “WIP of the Week No.2 // and Elsewhere

  1. What a lovely WIP. Time and time again I hear people’s stories of garments their parents made them. I love hearing about tokens of love in yarn and fabric.

    My thought on prizes: I think often people think “if I didn’t win, I lost”. Not to mention all the baggage that comes along with sharing your life on social media, looking for acceptance, etc. I think we can all be susceptible to this line of thinking at one time or another!

  2. I love Beth’s handiwork. This outfit is especially precious.

    And you are totally on point with the true rewards of anything we make, whether it be for ourselves or others. Thanks also for reminding us that there are no real deadlines for an experience like this. I’m enjoying watching everyone’s progress, reading your excellent guides and plan to weave this project into my own life’s schedule in September.

  3. Thanks for that seaming link, I started my first “all me” sweater with a drop shoulder. I’ve never had too much of an issue with doing it evenly but the row fraction thing will make it way easier.

  4. Congratulations Beth!

    My mom made almost all my clothes throughout elementary school and made the skirt I wore to my first high school dance. She also made every Halloween costume and there was more care and attention to detail in those costumes than anything else in my wardrobe. When I miss her, she lives halfway across the country, I like to go into JoAnns and call her.

    I’m sure your daughter will treasure both the clothes you made and the memories of you making them for a very long time.

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