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Woot, Friday! Here’s the latest batch of yarny links for killing time in the office today or perusing at a leisurely pace over the weekend—

– I’m thinking about doing the 2016 Outfit Along 2016 — are you?

Fantastic interview with lopapeysa addict Jenn aka @knit.love.wool

Compendium of wisdom on sock-knitting

Mending as an act of random kindness in SF’s Tenderloin district

Behind-the-scenes video at a yarn mill in Romania

Black is the new new (Or should I have gone with “Bringing vintage clothes black to life”?) (via)

Applying “zero-waste” principles to sewing (so much easier for knitters to make use of every inch!)

Stunning fiber art necklaces

Love this FO photo for some reason

annnnd …

Woven animal portraits!

SHOP NOTES: We sold out of the new issue of Knit Wit mighty quick, but more copies are on the way — as are the summer issue of Pom Pom and the debut issue of Carrie Bostick Hoge’s Making. So watch for news on all of that very soon!

I’m planning to finish my Flex tee this weekend! And paint the wall of my new screened porch. What are you working on?



Images via @knit.love.wool and Seamwork

13 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I LOVE your Friday links! I jumped right to the woven dog portraits. I am a huge dog art collector and that is new to me.
    I knitted a lopi in bright orange, turquoise and yellow-my “Sedona” sweater-and still need to sew up a dress that has the same colors. My own little outfitalong:) Jenn’s sweaters give so much inspiration. Thanks Karen!

  2. I just finished knitting a doll and matching top for my niece so now I’m working on the new Quince pattern Bragita for a nice summer top for work. I’ve got a weekend to myself and a rainy Saturday perfect for knitting.

  3. I’m spinning this weekend! Well, I’m spinning every day – totally addicted. Need to get back on track with my Penguono. I reached a snag in figuring out the instructions and its been sitting for days.

  4. Thanks again for your Elsewhere links. Love them!
    Lots of plans! Some sewing, a Lark is cut and perhaps I can get started on a Chelsea dress (by Christine Haynes). I feel an urge to weave as well though. And it wouldn’t be a weekend without some knitting! Just too many craft desires :)

  5. BLEW (literally) my WHOLE DAY on the Compendium of wisdom on sock-knitting, AND where it took me. That is why I am so late to respond. I very recently understand the need to knit socks for someone else. Thank you for that!

    As for Applying “zero-waste” principles to sewing… we go way back to the beginning! Just gotta love (NOT!) how ‘corporate’ patterns have us WASTE fabric! My frugal youth (at ten years began extreme sewing, pattern drafting and design) work proved that I could save over 1/4 yard, easily, for summer tops, and make ‘full’ skirts as full as they should have been, just using what THEY would have had me throw on the floor.

    Most fabrics are not worth spending my precious knitting time on, so I rarely sew now. Sad but true. I’d rather turn out sweaters, cardigans, afhans, gifts for others, and now socks for a wonderful new friend (my sister from another mother whose mother is no longer with us), used to make socks for her.

    Though I am old enough to be your grandmother, Karen, I enjoy your site immensely. Have a peaceful weekend.

    MJ, the SKEINdinavian

  6. Yay–your porch is almost done! Also, loved the SF video, though the voiceover had me rolling my eyes. I’m always amazed by how the ways that folks tend to lack even the most basic sewing skills, and how much that impacts our lives. I’m not surprised that people feel so much gratitude and love for this guy. It’s a great idea. Surprised I haven’t run into him in the Tenderloin, but then maybe I walked past and didn’t even register? I’ve certainly seen plenty of sights there.

  7. Love the behind the scenes at the Romanian mill! I’ve also been meaning to share with you that I’ve found the perfect local Dutch-spun organic sheep yarn and am using it for the Purl Soho sweatshirt sweater which has been at the top of my sweater basic list. Am working on the sleeves this weekend! https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/drtexel/

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