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There were so many great responses to my question about worthwhile podcasts last week. One that got a lot of mentions and that I’ve really been meaning to listen to is Stuff You Missed in History Class. I’ll have to start with the House of Worth episode. And (major tangent but) that reminds me — if you’re lamenting the end of Downtown Abbey and haven’t ever seen The House of Eliott, make haste! It’s been 8 or 10 years since I watched it; think it’s time to watch again.

– Monday is Leap Day — here’s a great idea for what to do with it

Good wool hunting in Shetland (via MJM)

– And a day in the life of a Bodega Bay sheep farm

– Love this Japanese short rows method

– Levi’s boss on why you should wash your jeans less

Using “risk management” to make better stuff

The power of buying less by buying better

Fantastic interview with Jamie & the Jones, some of my local small-batch fashion friends

– And and in-depth podcast discussion on the birth of Tamar, a fascinating new British yarn I’ve had the pleasure of petting

The hero of this video game is a piece of yarn

Delightful tiny video (press play) from —WARNING: NSFW— the most provocative Instagram knitting feed I’ve seen

– Quite the back story on this beautiful quilt

– And some truly stunning macramé (she calls them “weaves”)

IN SHOP NEWS: The wooden gauge rulers are finally back in stock! While the sale shelf is getting verrrry sparse.

Thanks for all the great conversation lately, everyone! Have an amazing weekend—



Photos (l to r) from Kelbourne Woolens, Fibershed, Style Bee

12 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. One of your best posts ever! Thanks for all the fascinating rabbit holes–diving in right now!

  2. Love all the links! Thank you so much for putting it together! Especially for the macrame Instagram account – definitely following! So much inspiration!

  3. And after you watch “House of Eliott,” let me second a recommendation from the ladies at Mason-Dixon Knitting: “Grantchester.” If you like dishy, damaged vicars and great dresses and pretty villages in 1950s Britain, it’s for you.

  4. A day in the life…OMG, I know Hazel and have been there!!! what a treat. And Good Wool Hunting was fun also. thanks.

  5. I got up early today, had a nice coffee and cinnamon toast, then went back to bed. Curled up and warm, I’ve read through the entire list of your links and had a most pleasant Sunday morning. Thank you.

  6. Wow! At the moment I’m only browsing through my Pinterest but this caught my eye. It will have to be pinned as a “Must Read.” There are so many bullet points that appeal to me! In the very first paragraph you mention House of Eliot! I can’t believe it! Hardly ANYONE I know has heard of it or watched it. It WAS great! Can’t wait to read the rest of the articles mentioned. I KNEW I’d be glad I decided to follow Fringe Association which lead me to this.

  7. I am constantly recommending The House of Elliott…it is worth watching just for the clothes, although the story is good too. I hear that it is hard to find now; I watched it long ago when Netflix sent things in the mail.

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