Next of the Best of Fall 2016: M. Patmos’ blanket-cardigan

Next of the Best of Fall 2016: M.Patmos blanket-cardigan

Um. Now normally I’m sort of allergic to a hyphenate. But this cabled ivory blanket-wrap-cardigan — a big rectangle with pockets and a button band — is so good I don’t even know what to say about it. Other than well played M.Patmos, well played.


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14 thoughts on “Next of the Best of Fall 2016: M. Patmos’ blanket-cardigan

  1. How would one use the pockets exactly? It looks cozy but impossible to use anywhere other than on your couch.

  2. Um … I dunno. I mean, I love forward fashion, but this is….well … it’s a blanket. With pockets that aren’t accessible. I mean, look at where her arms are and what it would take for them to actually get to those pockets. Yup…this design would warrant a fleece “muslin” for sure. Unless I knew I just wanted to make a blanket. And then I’d go for it and leave off the things that would make a blanket less comfy….like buttons and pouches. ;-P

    Goofy comment aside, I absolutely love your fashion posts, Karen. You have a keen eye and you always have me looking and thinking in new ways. There are things about this “thingie” that are a great takeaway. I’m just having some fun with my comment. XOX

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