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This week’s list is more fun than meaty, but who can argue with fun? Here we go—

– Deargod I want this book — go read what Dianna has to say about it

– I would like to live in this room

– And have this sweater. And this one. And this one.

– And I want so SO badly to take this week-long class with Mary Jane Mucklestone at John C. Campbell Folk School. Sadly, my schedule won’t allow it, so you guys all please go and tell me all about it!

Remember that “mola” Anna Maria gave me? Meet the Guna: Makers of Molas

– Felicia being astute about making for necessity vs. making for creativity. (The whole reason I cast on that Penguono, by the way.)

– And thanks to Christine for pointing me to this priceless video of the moment when Jimmy Kimmel interviews a knitter in the audience. That dude is too cool (and I don’t mean Jimmy Kimmel). And Elizabeth found the “after”. SO GOOD.

One other thing: If anyone needs a last-minute Valentine’s gift idea, might I suggest a Fringe Supply Co. gift certificate, available by email? I’m here to help!

Thanks for reading, everyone — have a yarny weekend. And tell me what you’re making if you feel like it! I always like to hear.



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  1. Sadly, our LYS closed a few months back. We knitters had been used to gathering for our Thursday evening Knit Night. I did some searching and found an ice cream shop that was just about to open its doors in the same town (Grove City, PA). I contacted the owner, and since then our knitting group has been welcomed with open arms for Thursday evening Knit Night now at Sweet Jeanie’s. They even provide us with coffee/tea!! All that to say, my field bag accompanied me last night (temperatures hovering right around 10 degrees F) while I continued work on my Stopover sweater and my Blaithin cardigan.

  2. I’ll be pushing to finish the cabled men’s pullover you helped me find the love for again with your post on fishermen’s sweaters earlier this week…can’t thank you enough!

  3. this weekend I’ll probably finish my first sweater! I’m knitting bedford by michele wang in lark. I did the union round to attach the sleeves to the body and it felt like world championship knitting. the first time I attached the sleeve, it went on upside down. I also had no idea that if you knit a seamless bottom up sweater, you’re gonna have holes at the armpits you need to go back and seam in. thinking about trying a top down pattern next just to compare the methods but nothing is really standing out to me :( I could improvise it but I am also not that great and measuring my gauge

    • Underarm holes are a fact of life with seamless sweaters. The trick is to pick up one extra stitch at each end of the armhole, then decrease it out on the next round. And when you go to weave in those ends, use them to make any further touch-ups if needed.

      • thanks karen!!! wow, I cried a little when I read this – you are so kind karen! thank you so much for addressing this little question! I picked up another stitch and it looks great. whenever I have a problem in my knitting I always ask “What would KT do?” the answer is usually “put a lifeline in five rows back” lol

  4. I worked at the Campbell Folk School! It is where I learned to spin and dye. I heartily recommend it to EVERYONE, the vibe is so creative and friendly and relaxed. I loved asking “what do you do?” and hearing passionate odes to crafts, rather than a profession. plus, bonus contra dancing! <3

    • Congratulaions on your first sweater! I would definitely recommend trying a sweater from the top down. Karen has a wonderful tutorial for a basic pullover. I would also recommend the book, Knitting From the Top, by Barbara G. Walker. This book is a complete course on knitting from the top down, which is actually my preferred method of knitting a sweater. Good luck!

      • wow!!! thank you! I have been looking to expand my knitting library thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Loved that video! So refreshing to see a man proudly knitting in public, and this little bow tie is really cute. Totally mesmerized by this Norwegian pattern book. This week-end: chocolate banana cake, tea party with friends and hopefully some progress on my aran sweater.

  6. OMG, I want to go to Scandinavia Week! Maybe next year. I’m on the last 3 inches of the last sleeve my Carpino sweater. I can’t wait to finish, block and wear her. It’s my third sweater, but the one that is really beautifully made. Then, I’m working on teal mitts using some of the Sequence Knitting patterns.

  7. One of the things I love about these posts is the opportunity to find new people to follow, new projects to try, and new ideas to consider. I was lucky enough to get into Mucklestone’s workshop at Squam in June. Of course now I have the Folk School tab up on my computer…

  8. Thank you so very much for the knitting guy video from Jimmy Kimmel. The knitter was terrific, as usual, & I loved the follow up photo featuring the finished project was also wonderful. I thought that his fingerless mitt looked good too.

  9. Love the Knitting Guy. Love how unabashed he is that he knits all the time and started because his daughter wouldn’t knit him a hat. This weekend I’m working on my entry for my Knitting Guild’s annual Design-a-thon competition. Shhh. And probably cranking out a couple afghan squares and earbud pouches too.

  10. YES! I’m so glad you posted that pic of Jimmy Kimmel wearing the bow tie! I wanted to see the end result!

    • Somehow my husband read to not wash his shrink-to-fit- 501’s too. I think he wore them 6 months before I couldn’t take it. They looked liked they’d stand on their own and he had about 5″ on buckling around the ankles and he is 6’3″.

  11. Speaking of books and arans – foryarnssake.com (Beaverton, OR) has a few copies of Rowan Purelife Wintertide -that’s the one with Woolwich.

  12. Love your links, specially that beautiful room with the most stunning quilt (and I am no quilt lover). This weekend, kids allowing, I will be finally finishing my Hayward which I was introduced to by you in your blog about seaming sweaters. I am also working on my Portland Pullover for the woolfulkal and trying to work out how I’ll be doing my Anna vest in the round as a pullover if my brain allows! Have a great weekend!

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