Queue Check — January 2016

Queue Check — January 2016

This whole Queue Check series of posts started rather spontaneously last year, but reading this IG post by Sara yesterday I realized how truly helpful it’s been in keeping me organized and on track and accountable to myself. Not that I’ve finished everything I’ve started, or never ventured off course, but at least there’s a record of it all to refer back to! So here’s where things stand in this first month of the year—

Bob’s sweater — there’s light at the end of this tunnel; hoping to finish within a week
Seathwaite Hat — waiting for me to have a quiet daylight moment to do the join round on the brim
1898 Hat — waiting for me to finish Seathwaite
My grey sweater — on hold until after the quickie black raglan

– The quickie black raglan Lettlopi — casting on the instant I finish Bob’s (improvising it)
– The Penguono x Joseph cardigan — delayed by the snowstorm, but it should be cast on this Saturday
– Version 2 of my modified Hemlock Tee in this salt-and-pepper Italian wool
– Blue-and-white stripe cotton tunic — i.e., first of several sleeveless band-collar Gallery Tunics

But wait! You may recall there’s one more WIP on the shelf — the black vest I cast on last fall from my own Anna Vest pattern. I mentioned before I’d love to do this as a (totally casual) knitalong. If I set a date for sometime in mid/late February, how many of you would want to join me? It’s a perfect winter-into-spring garment!

p.s. I’ll be knitting and available to offer advice at Craft South tonight from 5-7. If you’re in the Nashville area, come knit with me!


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  1. I’m in for Anna vest! late Feb would be perfect timing! Maybe I’ll be done with “Shire” by

  2. I’d love to try to join in on a casual vest knitalong in mid to late February! As evidenced by my pace with my Seathwaite hat, I’m not the fastest. This is my year of venturing into knitted garments. I can’t think of a better way or better company.

  3. Some corrections for the vest pattern.

    October 27, 2015, Pattern version 1.1

    Page 73, Next row (WS): BO 6 sts, work in pattern to end of row, continuing neck shaping as follows:” — should be deleted. It seems to only be a problem for the Right Front (Left Front is okay).

  4. I’m in! I just bought your book and was planning on dying up some tobacco-colored wool for this.

  5. Late February would work for me! I’m nearly done with a cardigan I’ve been fiddling with, and have only one other project cast on (which is a St. Brigid sweater by Alice Starmore, and I can only do a few rows at a time. I’ll be 90 before I get it done I think!)

  6. I’ve done a lot of knitting but I’m behind on our hat knit alongs. That said, I’d still opt in for the vest knit along. I need and very much want to knit a simple vest. Ok, I’ll admit it. It would actually be my first knitted garment outside a hat, scarf and shawl.

  7. I would love to do a Anna Vest KAL ~ and mid to late Feb is a perfect time for me!

  8. I’ll knit along! I’ll want to make some modifications, more substantial than I’ve attempted before, and this sounds like the ideal opportunity to learn some new things.

  9. Daily I check for your latest posts through checking “my friends” at Ravelry and thought you’d been silent since your Gone Fishin’ post…for some reason even on your Ravelry page Ravelry is not keeping current with your posts. Just letting you know, and also know how much I missed your writings when I thought you’d posted nothing. Glad that’s not so.

    • That’s odd that the Ravelry feed hasn’t updated. Unfortunately, I don’t have any involvement or control over that. Hopefully whatever the problem is will get corrected soon!

  10. oooh, I would definitely tag along in a vest KAL. I have a mounting queue, but it would be nice to knit something just for the pure joy of knitting :)

  11. I still haven’t knitted my version of the Cowichan vest… maybe I’ll tag along on the vest KAL just to have accountability. BTW, all of your fashion posts finally motivated this not tall nor thin woman to find a pair of boots that aren’t high heels but still look like they belong to fashion rather than in a gym bag. Thanks. I still need to knit Hats #3, 4 & 6 too.

  12. You have a lot on your plate ! Not sure I’ll join the KAL as this spring is going to be very busy for me, but I’ll cheer along. Looking forward to your Penguono x Joseph jacket.

  13. Yes! I’ve had a black puffy vest that I kept on feeling like I needed a knitted replacement for – but couldn’t quite justify. I lost it the other day… need a replacement by autumn! Serendipitous!

  14. I’m in for the KAL – exactly the piece I was looking for and I’ll be frogging a vest that isn’t working at all and repurposing the yarn. Perfect!

  15. Good motivation for something I’ve been liking since the original WWII version and I have the gorgeous book. Karen, can you tell us how those 2 patterns differ? The stitch pattern is obvious (I like them both), but I think you mentioned some style or fit changes that I can’t see.

    • The Anna vest has all of the changes I made with my vintage waistcoat (which were mostly do with the pockets and edging), but for Anna I took it one step further and changed the neck and armhole shaping. The vintage men’s pattern was very narrow across the back neck and shoulders, and larger in the front, which, combined with slightly awkward armhole shaping made it sit high and funny on the shoulders. So this is a more relaxed shape up there for a more flattering fit.

  16. Thanks so much! I’m going to start swatching from stash to be ready in Feb. And I’m going to look at both of those patterns and do some learning.

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