Knit the Look: Charlotte Groeneveld’s cozy turtleneck

Knit the Look: Charlotte Groeneveld's cozy turtleneck

How pretty does fashion blogger Charlotte Groeneveld look in this big shell pink overcoat wrapped around a simple grey turtleneck over ivory culottes? I know a lot of people recoil from this shade of pink (I personally love it) but who can argue with the sweater? To knit your own, all you need is Michele Wang’s new Cadence pattern — just skip the textured stitch on the body if you like. And it’s written for Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter, which offers the perfect icy-pale grey in Snowbound. I did a little bit of Google image searching to try to get a better look at the neck on Charlotte’s sweater, and it’s either a mock tneck or just a snugger, skimpier turtleneck. So if you prefer that look, knit to the smallest neck size your head will allow and cut down the height of the ribbing by a couple of inches. Then extend the cuff ribbing by few inches as well.

See Vanessa’s original post for more get-the-look suggestions.


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Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

12 thoughts on “Knit the Look: Charlotte Groeneveld’s cozy turtleneck

  1. From this photo it looks like a low mock neck…definitely not a traditional turtleneck and not as high as some mock necks. This is perfect for the person (me) who likes the sense of a turtleneck, but doesn’t have the neck for one.

  2. I love the look. I would leave the “Cadence” sweater jut the way it is. I’d make the neck shorter and more of the open stand-up that we saw in the 1950’s and ’60’s. On the sweater shown, I don’t like it that lose, but very comfortable and I would length the sleeve ribbing and tighten the circumference . I’m not much of a cream coloured person, so I think I would have a Medium Grey Pant and a Light Soft Grey for the Top. The Coat is to Die for and just wish I could find a similar coat but not for the cost that we know this one costs. I was thinking about knitting a long coat as the Blush Pinks are something that seem to be out more now than usual. I think that you would want to make a firmer fabric so would try using a smaller needle than usual or using 2 strands of the same of different yarns. I think it could come out looking fantastic! You Have a Wonderful eye for Fashion Karen, even to a 55 year old like me! LOL! I like to look put together, but it better be comfortable, like sweats or a favorite pair of old jeans! Hope you’ve defrosted over in Nashville, a Flock of Robins fly in this morning now that there are a few patches of open ground here and there in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge. I really love all the great Fashion things your take the trouble to show. I seem to take less and less time looking at Fashion, and when you put these glorious things up , it reminds me that I should look more often.

  3. Mock or proper turtle, I’m determined to knit a similar sweater this winter. It’s such a great staple for a capsule wardrobe, and I would love one in exactly this color!

  4. I actually like the pattern more because I can make it a v neck. I’ve been holding onto some gorgeous Madelinetosh that I didn’t know what to make with it and this pattern might be it. Thanks!

  5. I would modify it to a crew neck (being at that certain age), and knit a matching/coordinating cowl to go with the sweater. I bought a commercial sweater with that design last winter…and I plan on adapting it for all my future handknits.

  6. I think my favorite thing about Knit the Look posts is how they’re a bit of a Rorschach test — so interesting to see how different people respond to the same image.

    I also adore shell pinks, and that Michele Wang pattern! I really like Kirsten’s idea of adapting it to have a 60s neckline — I have a couple sweaters like that which are definite favorites. But the thing that’s speaking to me about the lovely snowy grey turtle(ish)neck is its generous, cozy fluidity, so if I were knitting this look, I’d probably try to do something at a smaller gauge and with a slinkier yarn. I love Shelter’s loft and its perfect colors, but fluid drape is not its strong suit. (Being totally real for sec, it’s hard to get that combo of substance and drape at handknitting gauges, so that might not be a look I choose to handknit — but Cadence is going on my someday-maybe list, regardless!)

    • Two seconds after posting I was looking at a simple cowl I knit out of Shibui Maai + Silk Cloud, and realizing that a Shibui yarn would totally be my pick for knitting the grey turtle(ish)neck. Oooh Pebble + Maai? (in fantasy land where money is no object!)

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