What I made on my summer vacation

What I made on my summer vacation

Before we got in the car Saturday morning in Florida to drive back to Tennessee, I made my sister put on the dress I’d finished hemming five minutes earlier and told her I was just snapping a pic to send to Anna Maria. Dear sister: I did not dupe you. I wasn’t intending to put it on the blog when I took it, but you look so cute! And I’m so proud of this dress.

My sister bought a sewing machine, so the big thrill of the week, for me, was getting to spend a lot of quality time with her and her Janome, teaching her what little I know about sewing but having a ton of fun doing it. Together we made her this dotted blue double-gauze Painted Portrait Dress, and yes, I am proud. For one thing, I spent more hours sewing in a shorter span of time than I ever have in my life, and made almost no mistakes. But this one was also a bit of a skill stretcher.

While we there, I also finished that linen Gallery dress that’s been hanging around for months waiting for my sporadic attention. I kept saying that was my sewing skills refresher course — and it was — but the Painted Portrait took it a level beyond that. It’s not that it’s a difficult dress, it’s just way more steps than anything I’ve sewn in a really, really long time. But it came together beautifully. My linen dress is also fantastic, but Bob and I took some not-great photos. I was being characteristically stiff in front of the camera, and since the interfaced placket business hadn’t been washed yet, so was the dress. I’m hoping to get some better pics of it soon, because I have a lot more to say about it — it’s a triumph on more than one level.

Did I knit the whole turtleneck sweater as planned, in the midst of all this? Pretty much. After casting on in the car on Sunday, I had the front and back on the blocking board Wednesday morning (I’m telling you, this is a crazy fast knit!) but then I didn’t touch it again until we got into the car to drive home. I got it seamed and half of the turtleneck knitted before we pulled into our driveway, but confess to finishing it off on my own couch. Still: started one Sunday and finished the next. Photos are being taken this week and the pattern will come soon, I promise.

As if that weren’t enough making for one week, I also got to knit the last few rows of my Hermaness Worsted. I had thought this one would be a great gift hat, but I’m not sure I can part with it. It’s just too good. Oh and hey, new hashtag alert: #noggintest for that moment when you can’t resist trying on (and photographing) your nearly done hat. Use it in good health.

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  1. Love that you spent time with your sister teaching what you know about sewing. And the dress is

  2. You were in the zone, girl! Beautiful stuff!

    Look forward to the turtle pattern. Looks to me like a fabulous (and quick) wardrobe addition. Not to mention stashbuster, ala multiple stranding.

  3. I stayed up late last night reading your blog, getting to know you and discovering your creative works. I found you through Instagram last week and can’t wait to dive into your Hatalong. I’m also totally, hopelessly in love with your sleeveless turtleneck and can’t wait for the pattern. I live in the SF Bay Area and s sort of thing would be perfect for our weather.
    You’ve been a busy bee this summer. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the fall. So glad I “met” you!

  4. You make want to buy a sewing machine, but I just don’t have room in my house for more craft equipment.

  5. What a fun and productive vacation! Love the painted portrait dress and how there’s always another “skill stretcher” pattern out there for continued sewing growth. Looking forward to seeing more of the turtleneck photos & pattern!

  6. Karen, kudos to you! I’d say you’d best spend more time with your sister. :) She allows you to create wonderful things for you both.

  7. I just finished my hermaness too! although, I made it for my little sister (although, she’s not that little) and I’m a little worried it’ll be too big for her head. she doesn’t live near me otherwise I would have #noggintested but do you have any recommendations on making it smaller? I think it’s smaller in circumference (at which point I would reduce the number of stitches casted on) but I think it’s a little too small in the hat part too but I don’t want to edit the lace?

  8. Ha! – Your friends have some funny alternatives to noggintest. Any chance you could let out a rough estimate of worsted for the speedy T-neck so I could take advantage of a LYS sale?

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