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First off, Dianna Walla has written a post for her blog about the 4th Fringe Hatalong (Laurus) in which she talks about not only why she chose Lark for the yarn, but also about Quince’s amazing color-picking tool. Check out both her post and that killer tool. But make sure you have a minute, because it’s pretty addictive.

Professor Clara Parkes on splitty yarns and needle tips

Intriguing discussion of top-down set-in sleeves and a better way to knit them

DIY espadrilles (I’m kind of blown away by this)

8 tricks for perfect top-stitching

How to match plaids when you sew (I suddenly can’t wait to sew something plaid!)

A handmade wedding — exceptionally well done

That’s one pretty yarn cabinet

So wish I could go to this event

– And that I could visit here and here (note to self: London trip)

And that I could wear this outfit every day forever

UNRELATED SHOP NEWS: the mini scissors are back and we’ve got a fresh batch of hand-carved wood bowls plus a small cache of the coveted red vintage fiber mill spindles. Make haste!


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  1. Thanks for the goodies, Karen. Can’t wait to dive into the sleeve link. I wonder if it covers the contiguous sleeve, which I’ve tried twice and now find myself avoiding.

    Two things about the MYAK post. The pants look very much like a Marcy Tilton Vogue pattern. The cut is on the full side (which isn’t great for my body), but the pockets and details are fabulous. It is Vogue#8499.

    Also, I have a few cones of yak yarn I bought off the shepherd in Tibet who was spinning it while walking down the road towards us. I bought his hand spindle too. The (very rough, very dirty) yarn needs to be unfurled and cleaned. The spindle is so beautiful. Spare, hand carved out of wood, and very, very old. He said it had been used in his family for a very long time. I paid him a lot for it, which made us both happy. All my google searches turn up nothing like it. I might try again. Maybe make a post on Rav about it. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thank you for the link to the discussion with Elizabeth Doherty. I have purchased her book; I want to knit every sweater in the book! I’m looking forward to learning more about her work.

  3. Thank you for the interesting links! My favorite one is Kate’s handmade wedding that I saw a week ago – so special and inspiring!

  4. Those espadrilles kits were everywhere here (Switzerland) this spring. I was tempted but also overwhelmed by projects so skipped it, but your link has refreshed my desire to make a pair! I’d love to make a crocheted top part, which would involve learning how to crochet first…maybe by next summer.

  5. I, too, would wear that outfit forever! Its a “me” kinda thing. In fact, I’m saving the pic to remind myself. Fun posts!

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