With which to mend, carry, repair

With which to mend, carry, repair

Ever since I first posted pics of my embroidermended jeans last summer, I’ve gotten tons of questions about them. Especially that patch on the upper right thigh, which you can see in more detail here. I’m hoping to put together a complete tutorial as part of Slow Fashion October (yes, it’s happening!) but I’ve gone ahead and listed the beautiful sashiko thread I love in the webshop, since it’s really just running stitch and I know lots of you don’t need any guidance from me! Because I’m me, I bought black, white, ivory and every shade of blue! Along with lovely needles to go with. So you can get those today at Fringe Supply Co.

… along with MORE FIELD BAGS!! And the beloved repair hooks are also back in stock. Note that we’re now selling them as sets, except we still had some individual larges, in both bone and ebony, so those will continue to be available on their own for as long as they last. (There’s a large number of Field Bags over there this round so maybe they’ll hold out for more than an hour!)

Thanks for all the great comments this week. Have a wonderfully crafty weekend — I’m hoping to do something more than set up house, myself — and I’ll see you back here next week! The week that brings us SEPTEMBER! Ahhhhhh

8 thoughts on “With which to mend, carry, repair

  1. Feeling the same re: crafting vs. setting up house over the weekend (in my case, though, I think setting up house will win out).

  2. I have a couple of pairs of beat up boyfriend jeans just waiting for some love and attention. Off to order the thread! Excited for Slow Fashion October, too!

  3. The field bags are beautiful! Just curious if they will ever be offered in a darker color? Thanks, happy making. V

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