Next of the Best of Fall 2015: Major turtlenecks

Next of the Best of Fall 2015: Major turtlenecks

Honestly, there’s so much good in the Fall 2015 collections we could probably talk about it all the way up until Fall. But another strong trend I can totally get behind is the major turtleneck. I’m starting above with the abbreviated version. From Elizabeth and James, these are two renditions of the same sweater: chunky, slightly cropped, split hem, and with a voluminous turtleneck. I might need to work a version of this into my knitting queue.

Then there are the two megas from Theory, below, which is a drool-worthy collection all the way around, including the most beautiful cape. But the turtlenecks! First we’ve got the austere, black wool cloth top with a massive rib-knit turtleneck. I’m still stuck on that idea of a sewing boiled-wool Linden and am now imagining knitting a huge neck like this to attach to it. Second is my idea of the Perfect Sweater, truly: simple grey-and-ivory marl with a neck you could get lost in.

Next of the Best of Fall 2015: Major turtlenecks

And then there’s J.Crew. Another voluminous but thin grey marl number with lighter grey neck and long cuffs. (Seriously, the long cuff idea was everywhere.) And then again with the wool cloth and rib knit combo, only this time in a kangaroo-pocketed pullover jacket-sweater that’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. Heaven.

Next of the Best of Fall 2015: Major turtlenecks

14 thoughts on “Next of the Best of Fall 2015: Major turtlenecks

  1. Sounds like a tubular bind off is in your future. I made Forester last year and really love it. It has a huge turtleneck and is marled.

  2. Looks like black might be making a comeback. A couple of these pieces remind me so much of Julie Hoover’s work … which is always a step ahead, IMO.

  3. i did like that last sweater, the combination of wool clothe and knitting reminded me of the combination of boiled wool cloth and knitting…Norwegian I believe. High collars?…hot flash and DIE :)

  4. What is it with designers, models and photo shoots? You know they are all teeny tiny, and you put these great big clothes on them to 1. Make them look smaller, 2. Make the outfit look as though it won’t fit anyone properly? Really wish they would start using “normal” people. As for the turtle necks, I’m all for them if they aren’t clingy and scratchy, and if they show a bit of style. Unfortunatley, I don’t see anything here that I would wear. Ever.
    Don’t take it personally, it not you, it’s THE SWEATERS.

  5. Love the grey and ivory marl with tweed pants…I’ve had a life-long love affair with turtlenecks…they’re the perfect classic…never, ever go out of style! But I live in New England…if it’s cold enough for a turtleneck, I want my arms covered…brrr! Bring them on!!!

  6. You lost me on the last one. I think it looks suspiciously like a hot water bottle cover grafted to a boiled wool sweatshirt. I love the knitted turtleneck and cuffs on the gray marl sweater, and the boxy silhouette of them all. Your posts are making me think about what I wear and sewing clothing again. Thanks.

  7. The last one reminds me of the “#25 Rib Yoke Topper” in the Fall 2011 issue of Vogue Knitting. It was in my queue for the longest time, but I took it out because there was no way it would look good on my short curvy frame, haha.

  8. Some of them are quite attractive but the last one looks like a baseball catcher’s protective chest covering in case he can’t catch the ball. Who dreams up these crazy things? Thanks so much for digging them out for us to look at though!!

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