Hatalong No. 2 PREVIEW

Fringe Hatalong No. 2 PREVIEW and yarn notes

It pleases me greatly that so many of you have asked when the next Fringe Hatalong is. I loved having so many people knit along on the first one, the Audrey hat, and am happy you’re eager for more! So let’s talk about Hatalong No. 2:

This one is another allover textured stitch, but in this case it’s a really intriguing stitch combination I haven’t done before — and you probably haven’t either. It looks like a TON of fun, but it’s also just one combo/maneuver that repeats all the way up the hat, so I feel like it will be doable for everyone who can knit and purl. And the pattern is written out, not charted. (We’ll do charts next!) So if Audrey was a small step forward for you, this will be a fun one to try to your hand at. And if you’re a more experienced knitter, this should be plenty entertaining for you, too. Given the uniqueness of the stitch, you will want to swatch to get the hang of it (and check your gauge, of course) before you start your hat.

The pattern will again be free here on the blog, and I’ll unveil it next Thursday. Meanwhile, there’s the matter of yarn—

Because of the allover texture, I would recommend using a light color (solid, heather or light tweed) that will show off the stitch work and not compete with it. I’d steer clear of anything variegated or marled on this one. And the pattern calls for 140 yards.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Cirilia tells me the finished hat sample weighs 80g, so that’s roughly 111 yards. If you’re using the Road to China, that means you have about 19 yards to swatch with!

Recommended yarn: The pattern was just recently published but was written awhile ago for a book that was several years in the making, and the recommended yarn has since been discontinued. It’s written for the aran/heavy-worsted weight of Road to China from the Fibre Co./Kelbourne Woolens, which is a beautiful, luxurious blend of baby alpaca, silk, camel and cashmere. If you want to knit with the recommended yarn, check with your local shop to see if they still have any Road to China (not to be confused with RtC Light or RtC Lace), and if not, the good news is it’s available on Kelbourne’s website for as long as the supply holds out. Again, the hat calls for about 140 yards, so note that you’ll need two skeins in your chosen color. And if you use the code “Fringe25” at checkout, you’ll get 25% off the RtC. (Thank you, Kelbourne!)

Suggested substitutions: I asked the designer to recommend some alternative yarns, and her suggestions included Fibre Co. Terra or Organik, Zealana Heron, and Malabrigo Rios.

Stash diving guidance: If you want to knit from stash and don’t have any of those yarns on hand, you want to look for 140 yards of something in the heavy worsted-aran range with the same baseline gauge as Road to China, which is 16-18 stitches per 4 inches. (If you don’t have the ball bands on every ball in your stash, or the band doesn’t list a baseline stitch gauge, I highly recommend looking things up in the Ravelry yarn database. You can search for pretty much any yarn on the planet and it will tell you the yardage, recommended gauge, fiber content, etc.) If you can find something with a similar fiber content, so much the better.

I took a dip into my own stash and what’s pictured above are three yarns I have handy that are in the right gauge range and I’m excited to swatch with. On the left is Purl Soho Worsted Twist, which is a heavier worsted with magnificent stitch definition.  In the middle is an unspecified aran-weight merino from Camellia Fiber Co. (Not currently available BUT Craft South has several colors of her exquisite Merino Aran.) And on the right is Lettlopi, the aran-weight Icelandic yarn that comes in a multitude of colors. (Note that the first two were given to me; the third I purchased at Tolt — and don’t worry, I also have lighter colors! This one just made the best photo, ha.)

So you’ve got a week to think about what yarn you might want to use. I’ll announce the pattern next Thursday, the 16th, and we can all get started swatching the fun stitch pattern and then get knitting!

30 thoughts on “Hatalong No. 2 PREVIEW

  1. I came across your website in a knitting magazine that spoke very highly of your site. I have enjoyed reading your posts.

    I would love to join in on a knit along. I taught myself to knit 2 years ago and have designed a few hats myself. And am currently devising a sweater to wear in Chicago next month. I just make the patterns up in my head as I knit after guaging, but would love to be more disciplined and write out and document my work.

    I look forward to reading more of your enjoyable posts.

  2. Exciting. This will be my first KAL and I can’t wait to dive into my yarn cave to find something to work with!

  3. Have recently started spinning and have 170 yards if Aran (kinda😊) weight that should work well for this KAL! I’m do excited to have a small project with my own yarn in the midst of three sweater projects!! Thankyou, Karen!

  4. Yay! My daughter (who is 8) and I both completed your last KAL hat; I’m just terrible with posting pictures online. She is now making a scarf to match….complete with a cable. Be still my proud-mama-knitter’s heart. Anyway, told her about your next hat; and we are excited!!

  5. I am tempted to join, I need a spring hat. Three potential yarns in my stash: a neutral Cascade Eco Duo, a bright yellow Malabrigo Worsted or the wool/cotton blend Imperial Anna in either light grey or purple. Guess the pattern will tell me which one to choose.

  6. I was about to cast on another boring old rib hat, but I’m going to hold off and join along with you. Its so fun doing a knit along.

  7. Was motivated to get working on Audry on a stormy day here in Ohio, ordered some yarn from Kelbourn, used the 25% off! Makes the shipping free, plus a little extra off. (Thanks!) Am excited to start the next KAL on time, and see the new pattern. Am enjoying Audry pattern and knitting in the round! Pure fun.

  8. Based on the stitch pattern, would you recommend a lighter color yarn? I’m debating between Moonstone (medium grey/brown) or Riverstone (a warm beige). Any guidance would be appreciated!

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  10. I have just found your blog and it is my new favourite thing!
    I have been meaning to participate in a KAL and so I think this will be my first. Joining in a KAL was actually a New Year’s resolution, so I am a bit behind… or maybe I was just waiting for the right one:)
    I have some West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley Aran in Fuchsia. Not feeling particularly subtle at the moment I guess…

  11. I can’t wait to see the pattern! I already have my yarn picked out – baby alpaca DK weight (held double) that I picked up in Peru!

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  13. I brought an entire (somewhat large) tote bag of lettlopi home from our trip to Iceland, and have several colors! Cannot wait to join and use some in a fun way! Thank you Karen!

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  15. ooh! i was just thinking the other day that i totally need to knit a new hat: my collection is limited to two and i need one or two more! i’ll use orkney angora’s st magnus. it’s dk weight but i’ll use two strands together. it’s waiting in one of my project bags since october to be knit up for a hat… :)

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