Next of the Best of Fall 2015: A Detacher forever

Next of the Best of Fall 2015: A Detacher forever and ever

If I hadn’t already professed my undying love for Mona Kowalska of A Détacher, I would certainly be doing it now. Her Fall 2015 collection got all my juices flowing; clicking through the images, my brain was thinking up things to sew and knit faster than my fingers could sketch them. Mostly simple little tops and dresses my closet and I are longing for (albeit not in those particular prints — other than the amazing volcanic explosion print!), but the way she’s mixed those breezy little pieces with knits here is classic quirky Mona. Along with simple little change-ups like a woven vest over a sweater dress and knit vest over a woven dress. There’s just no one like her. And nothing, especially, like that look below: quilted jacket over dress-length aran sweater over quilted pants. Ms. K, can I borrow your brain for just five minutes? And also this quilted dress?

Next of the Best of Fall 2015: A Detacher forever and ever

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17 thoughts on “Next of the Best of Fall 2015: A Detacher forever

  1. Woah! Love! The quilted bits are amazing…and the shoes! Didn’t think I could be enticed by more winter clothes, but … :)

  2. love these layered looks. I am currently reading the book Women in Clothes and Mona Kowalska is one of the first “conversations”. It is an amazing book so far – if you haven’t read it, I recommend.

  3. With temps in the low teens and snow falling, all this knit and quilt looks warm and lovely!

  4. Reminds me a bit of Kenzo from the 70s, but with a more staid palette. And that white cotton smock keeps it fresh. I agree…very beautiful, and minus the furry platforms, very wearable.

  5. Oh love the skein hair – now I want this wig.
    But her tops are gorgeous and perfect with the knits.
    And in memory of Koos van den Akker my 1970 quilted jacket will fit right in.

  6. Love all the prints in the collection…I gotta start learning how to think outside the box – These kinds of collections make me itch to knit and sew all these things!

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