Top posts of 2014

Top posts of 2014

It’s always intriguing to take a look back at the blog for the year and see what caught your interest. It’s also odd to look at, because there are about twenty posts from deep in the archives that are so huge on Pinterest and/or Ravelry that they are just always way out in front, no matter how old they are. It’s possible nothing will ever compete with the tutorial on How to improvise a top-down sweater, the top post for two years running. Right behind it are two of the holiday knitting cheat sheets: Cowls all around and A hat for every head. Then comes Pullovers for first-timers and my most popular pattern, Super Simple Mitts. But as far as which of this year’s posts grabbed your attention, these came out on top:

1. Joining sweater parts at the underarm: Here comes the fun! (Hey, I got there on Christmas day!)
2. Mitts for Miss Casey, which ties in to the aforementioned Super Simple Mitts
3. Knit the Look: Mariska van der Zee’s EZ pullover
4. Knitting in Paradise, about my time at Squam
5. Hot Tip: Mismatch your needles
6. Colorwork patterns for first-timers
7. New Favorites: Lena Samsoe’s fisherman cardigan, precursor to the knitalong
8. New Favorites: Rosa Pomar’s blanket hat
9. Best new hat patterns from last winter
10. Our Tools, Ourselves: Jared Flood, Q&A with the Brooklyn Tweed founder

I love how diverse this list is — a mix of pattern picks, how-to information, an interview, some personal whatnot, and the sweater that fueled the Amanda knitalong, When I ask people in person what they enjoy about the blog, the two most common answers these days are that knitalong and the Tag Team Sweater Project. So it’s clear you guys enjoy a big project, along with the regular features.

Here are some of my personal favorites from the year:

January: FO Sightings: Fancy Amber’s heroic vest
February: Knit the Look: Marte Mei Van Haaster’s perfect grey pullover
March: Sleeveless in Seattle (Flattering or not, I love those photos) and Lemaire’s never-enough knits
April: Sweet spring shawls and Pretty spring scarves (I also LOVED creating these images.)
May: Make, knit, mend — the post I hope I never forget
June: To live and dye in Oaxaca, the beautiful guest post by Jess Schreibstein
July: Future most-worn handknit, the beautiful guest post by Ashley Yousling
August: What I really want is a Kathryn Davey wardrobe
September: Amanda knitalong: Meet the panel! — one of my all-time favorite posts
October: All those WIPs of the Week
November and December: The knitalong FO interviews with Jaime Jennings, Meg Strong and Kate Gagnon Osborn

I’ve also loved every word of Our Tools, Ourselves. And I always love Q for You. I don’t always have the bandwidth to respond to everything, but I read and appreciate every single answer and always learn something (lots of somethings!) interesting. I’m still making my way through all the incredibly meaty answers to last week’s question. The Q that drew the most responses this year, if you’re curious, was Does having a yarn stash work?

So if you’re bored at work or the in-laws today, hopefully that will fill some time! And if you’re inclined to tell me, I’d love to hear what your favorite features or posts have been this year — and what you’d like to see more (or less) of in 2015!


p.s. There are a few marked down items in the shop this week.

8 thoughts on “Top posts of 2014

  1. I have started following your blog in the spring. It has been very inspiring. Look forward to your daily blogs. Would love to join a knit along when I can find time in my busy retired life. Thank you and wish you a very happy and successful new year.

  2. Hey Karen – first time commenter here. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year but went and read some of your past posts. I love all your posts but I love Knit the Look the most. I also love that you post every day ( or almost every day), so yours is one blog i do check every day. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to and have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

  3. Well, this has sent me off into spring shawls and the recipe for Super Simple Mitts! And while I was wandering the knitting Net, I was thinking of your questions – as in favorite posts. Learning to cable (thanks to the Knit Along Sweater project) pushed me into knitting cabled hats as for the first time (to my great delight.) In fact, this blog has been an endless source of inspiration and practical info – both from you and other readers. So I have no “less of” for 2015. And as I’m thinking through the the joys (and bumps) of 2014, I must add here that the Fringe Association project bags are going down as a huge plus for my knitting enjoyment… To 2015!

  4. What I love about your blog is that you a) post so often (thank you!) and b) introduce me to topics, people, and patterns that would never be on my radar if not for you. Keep doing what you’re doing, and may the best blessings of the new year find you!

  5. This post is so timely! As I was scrolling through and remembering the Top Posts of this year, I had to reread the January post on colorwork since I am, no kidding, just starting my very first colorwork project with Diana’s Pine Bough Cowl! (I picked up some beautiful Spincycle yarn to go with a special edition Pepperberry cashmere for their joint KAL for this cowl.) So I guess this is proof of the fact that I find your features on new techniques a very helpful resource.

    To add to what others have said, I find your blog truly inspiring. I love that you introduce us to new people and places and remind us of how much joy we derive from this craft and community. In this regard, I really enjoy your “Our Tools, Ourselves” and “Elsewhere” posts, so more of those please. I so look forward to more of Fringe in 2015! Best New Year’s wishes to you and the entire Fringe community.

  6. Well, I am one of the people who must have contributed to keep the top-down sweater tutorial atop the list, as I’ve referred to it countless times this year! I am so very grateful for that post, as it enabled me-like many before me-to get a much better sense of a sweater’s construction, minus the frustration of learning through many mistakes.
    Your blog is for me the mother-load of all knitting blogs, if constantly fuels my favorites list on Ravelry , and points me to all sort of interesting fiber-related links (the Woolful podcast being one of my latest faves). And as far as preferences go, I love the “someday/right away” feature, as that is precisely how my mind works when I select a project-juxtaposing the somewhat distant ideal to the more pragmatic, doable and yet still inspirational choice. Thanks and to a new year of knitting!

  7. Happy New Year Karen! Thanks for the year of great posts. Wuick question: Which sweater is that in the lower right photo? I love the collar but don’t recall the post. Thanks!

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