Favorite New Favorites

My favorite New Favorites of 2014

Nearly every week there’s something I’m obsessing over and/or itching to cast on, as chronicled in New Favorites. Not necessarily new patterns, just new fixations. But in reality, I can only hope to knit a mere fraction of them. Some obsessions linger longer than others, but I can honestly say that 8/9 of last year’s Favorite New Favorites are still lodged in the front of my brain, begging for needle time. (The ninth one, Trillium, I actually knitted!) Here are the most tenacious patterns to have appeared in New Favorites in 2014:

top left: Uniform Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge (as seen in Carrie’s Uniform and, more recently, Quicker sweaters)
top right: Gillam by Kate Gagnon Osborn (as seen in From the Knightsbridge collection)
bottom left: Riviera by Wool and the Gang (as seen in WATG cotton toppers)
bottom right: Siberia Anorak by Helga Isager, minus the funnel neck (as seen in Helga does it again)

Too many to mention. I’m seriously thinking of doing a hat-per-month thing in 2015.

My favorite New Favorites of 2014

left: Inglenook by Adrian Bizilia (as seen in House socks redux)
right: School Girl by Deneise Kemp (as seen in Cabinfour’s collected socks)

My favorite New Favorites of 2014

top left: Joelle’s Diagonal Pinstripe Scarf by Joelle Hoverson (as seen in Ebony and ivory)
top right: Halligarth by Gudrun Johnston (as seen in The Wool People wraps)
bottom left: Palmyre by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne (as seen in Palmyre)
bottom right: Nimbus by Dawn Catanzaro (as seen in The Wool People wraps)

My favorite New Favorites of 2014

left: Fure by Olga Buraya-Kefelian (as seen in From the Woolfolk collection)
right: Hand Warmers for Beginners by Purl Soho (as seen in Garter bliss)

I suppose my very favorite New Favorites are the ones I actually cast on this year, some of which I even finished! As you’ll see in my comparatively paltry knitting year in review, coming up.

What were your favorite patterns this year?


13 thoughts on “Favorite New Favorites

  1. That simple detail on the toe of the School Girl socks just kills me.

    I’m not an early adopter of anything, so it seems like I’m always finding old patterns to fall in love with. Most recently, it’s the Inspira Cowl: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/inspira-cowl. Probably too much color for you, though, Karen. :-) I made my first one before Christmas and love it so much, I’m planning lots of siblings for it.

  2. Slanted Sleeven and After the Rain were my two faves this year. I made Slanted twice, casting on the second right after the first! And my After the Rain was an unusual mix of alternating stripes of Habu Tsumugi and Shibui Pebble that resulted in a tee I just adore.

    Both of these designers are adept at clean, simple shapes, unusual details and great instructions. Fun to knit and highly wearable FOs.


  3. I’m fascinated by the School Girl socks, too, and that simple detail. It seems like such a January kinda thing to knit… :) “Happy Me” projects of 2014: Men’s Ski Hat by Irina Dmitrieva – my first cabled adventure knit for my son (he loved it – whew!) Much ripping back, grumbles and angst until the flow of it “clicked.” Jared Flood’s Guernsey wrap. Started one in Tosh worsted for me. (I so want a big gorgeous scarf!) Then thought of gift for another son: that pattern in a dk weight black yarn and was madly working to finish it and pop it in the mail right down to the wire. (It made it to him the day before Christmas!) So still need to finish mine. A lovely red (sock yarn) “textured shawl recipe by orlane” (my first attempt at a shawl!) Thea Colman hats were wonderful to knit and several went out as gifts. Now for January a gift to myself: finish my Guernsey Wrap and knit myself with a Karen Templer Double Basketweave Cowl. I’ve always loved the basketweave pattern. I have the yarn: Tosh Vintage Purple Basil. Ok, I’ll quit now. (I could go on. And on.)

  4. Your Fringe and Friends Knitalong inspired me so much, but I haven’t gotten around to picking a sweater yet. I’m trying to decide between Hawser, Bellows (inspired by Jen of Grainline Studio), and the Gezell Coat by Cirilia Rose from her new book. I’m still trying to figure out what would be the most flattering for my small frame and wide(ish) hips.

  5. 2014 marked my 10th year as a knitter and I have to say that as time goes on I have less “favorites” and have become more selective in what I choose to cast on. I’ve accumulated a nice amount of sweaters and accessories, and it suddenly feels good to slow down, make less, and really love each project (both to make and wear). On that note, I just started a Uniform cardigan around Thanksgiving and its knitting up nicely (in O-wool Balance!) So glad to see that on your list! Happy New Year!

  6. I loved knitting the spectra scarf by Stephen West and the Vodka Lemonade cardi by Thea Coleman. Both were well written, fun to knit and wearable yet knitterly FOs. I’m currently contemplating which oh Hunter Hammersen’s “curls” to cast on. Infuscate or Icterine seem likely places to start.

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