Gifts for non-knitters

Gifts for non-knitters

I hope you don’t mind a little post from me on a Saturday morning, but it’s Small Business Saturday and I had a thought. I trust you’ve all looked through the Fringe Supply Co. Holiday Catalog and literally or virtually dog-eared all the things you’d like to receive this holiday season. But you’re the easy one, right? The hard part is you shopping for the non-knitters in your life. One of the great blessings of 2014 for me was being invited to that little Shop:Keep retreat back in late August. The smart, creative, hilarious small biz owners I met there have become good friends and I’m a huge admirer of all of their businesses. So while I hope you’re pointing your family and friends to Fringe Supply Co. for whatever your heart desires, I thought I’d help you out with your own shopping by pointing you to some of my favorite things in these stores:

TOP ROW Starting with things I’m personally addicted to from the charming Hey Rooster General Store here in Nashville: All of the Big Spoon nut butter flavors are amazing, but the Chai Spice peanut butter is something truly special in this world. And Golden Apothecary’s Open Mind temple roll-on is one of the best-smelling things I’ve ever encountered. I also highly recommend the Soberdough bread mixes.

SECOND ROW From earthy Have Company in Grand Rapids MI: super pretty 2015 Phases of the Moon poster and handmade ceramic hot sauce bottle.

THIRD ROW From funky Otherwild in LA: Not Yours leather luggage tag and pretty stacking rings

BOTTOM ROW From super chic Myrtle also in LA: amazing hand-crafted leather tote and sheepskin-topped booties. Ok, maybe those are for knitters, too.

And if I were still in the Bay Area, I would definitely be going to The Radder’s Holiday Marketplace this weekend. What a list!

Thank you again and again for supporting small businesses today, this holiday season … and throughout the year.